Honest review of R&G face wash and serum

Honest review of R&G face wash and serum

Hey guys!! You guys might have observed that I am not posting anything about my skincare lately. I was on a back foot taking care of my skin. But as I discovered the R&G face wash and serum, I must say they have become my absolute must skincare routine.

Honest review of R&G face wash and serum
Honest review of R&G face wash and serum

The R&G:

The R&G comes under the Vasu brand, which since 1980 has been showing its mark in the skincare line. Its fine-quality herbal products and ayurvedic products are a hit among many. They have developed more than 200 highly effective products with natural botanicals which gained more trust among customers.

The R&G face wash:

First things first, I get this refreshing feel while I wash my face after day-long tiredness. I was a mother of two and 30 have started getting those fine lines around my eyes and this facewash comes to my rescue. It cleanses, exfoliates, and brightens. The best thing about this product is, it does not make my skin over dry. It is a very gentle cleanser yet an effective one.

Honest review of R&G face wash and serum
Honest review of R&G face wash and serum

The R&G serum:

The face serum is enriched with Vitamin – C which is excellent for healthy skin and also brightens skin. It is expertly formulated and so is fast-absorbing face serum. It works best to reduce fine lines, fade dark spots, and make your skin look even with skin tone.

I usually apply the serum at night and let it work wonders while I take my beauty sleep. It’s been more than 2 weeks now and I can feel the change in my skin tone. The dullness that I have is slowly diapering and making my skin look healthy.

Honest review of R&G face wash and serum
Honest review of R&G face wash and serum

The R&G is founded with a passion for the environment and its commitment to wellness and to delivering the best skincare routine for its customers. The face serum brightness skin tone and aids the dark spots to fade away. I just add a few drops of it onto my face directly from the dropper provided. And massage gently until absorbed.

The facewash feels refreshing after a tiring day. Best to remove the dead cells and dullness. Being a mom, I always find it hard to maintain a good skincare routine. I always look for fewer products to include and having just 2 of them is bliss.

Do check out their Instagram (Here)

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Much of waiting will do no good for your skin. Get these amazing skincare products now!! If you wish to read my other article from Vasu brand, Vasu – Aloe vera gel and Kumkumaditailam

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  1. R&G serum looks quite promising as it solves most of the skin problems be it dark circles, dryness or aging. Would love to try this. Thanks for the review.

  2. No doubt that serums help to brighten our skin or reduce blemishes. My sister was also mentioning about R&G serum, and you are also mentioning this. Seems promising product. Would surely recommend my friends now.

  3. I really like the fact that R&G serum takes care of most of the common issues. I recently started noticing that my skin has started becoming dry. Thanks for the recommendation. I shall definitely try this out.

  4. I have been seraching for organic cleanser and vitamin c face serum. I would surely like to try this one. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. This looks so good for Skin Lightening and Skin Darkening After UV Exposure and to gives visibly Radiant, Smoother And Healthier Skin. Definitely checkout this product soon.

  6. This post has come to me as a reminder as I used to use serum but stopped it because of my laziness. Now I feel I have to start using it again.

  7. I prefer such products which are natural and safe to use on the skin. I wasn’t aware of this brand earlier, I will surely check this brand and its products.

  8. Skincare is necessary for a healthy skin and both these products by R&G seem quite promising. I would love to try their facewash soon.

  9. i always prefer products for my skin which are natural and safe for the skin. the products look really good and you have reveiwd them well too. I will check them out for myself.

  10. I have heard about this brand for the first time but going by your personal experience of serum I would also like to try it. What is the vitamin c serum for in terms of pricing, please can you tell?

  11. These look like amazing products .I have been seraching for vitamin c face serum. I would surely like to try this one.

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