The joy of getting featured, momlifeandlifestyle

The joy of getting featured, Momlifeandlifestyle!

Being an introvert, I figured out my way of speaking through writings. And Momlifeandlifestyle started to share my experience of Motherhood. For me, it’s been 6 years into motherhood and I remember those days where I read a lot of blogs about motherhood and infants and so Momlifeandlifestyle came into existence.

Its means a lot!

It’s been almost 8 years of blogging on Sadvika Kylash and 1 year on Momlifeandlifestyle. Getting myself featured on CherieKids was on the other level. Thanks to Ravi, a podcast host of The Unfinished and a good friend of mine who made this possible, and Iba Khrima for writing.

The joy of getting featured, Momlifeandlifestyle!
The joy of getting featured, Momlifeandlifestyle!

Check out, Ashwin Sadvika’s perfect family memories. I was asked about the first moments into parenting. Well, parenting starts right after you confirm the news. Here are my few favorite lines from this interview:

“The more you stress yourself, the more you drown in parenting. Parenting is one job that takes all your energy and tests you. Yet the results (end of the day) are always awesome.”

“Parenting has many dos and don’ts but you do what you think is right. In parenting you would have people giving you advice, they are helpful, indeed. But it is you who take the final call.”

With kids being home for 2 years now it’s been a challenging journey to keep up with blogging/kids/home chores and of course, the online studies for both my kids. I must admit, my kids, my husband, and my family were supported while I dream big about my passion.

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