Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBiasResponsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias

Responsibilities over life passion, always! But why do women have to choose one? Why can’t she do both? What would happen if she chooses one over the other? What will ‘society’ say? If she chooses responsibilities over passion, then what about her passion, which end forever? If she chooses passion over responsibility then why is she judged? Is getting married, is the end of her career? And lastly, what if she can do both? Let’s read more…. Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias

Let me answer all the questions. (My version) And no, this is not from personal experiences but just an overview that I would like to understand. Add your valuable comments and your perspective down below on,

Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias
Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias

Responsibilities over life passion.

Here in India because of the roots of the traditional women were always at home and kitchen. They were made to believe that this is what should be done. But thanks to the “changing times” things have changed and so did people. We could see more women into the working stream and more women taking charge of business and being women entrepreneurs.

But still, even though times did change, we women complete our home tasks and fulfill our passion simultaneously, even here for we first prefer our responsibilities. And, this is not a complaint at all. Just as proud as I could ever be! Having our family and career together gives a kick on another level.

Why do women have to choose one?

Even though times have changed women still have to choose one! This happens with many of us, answer this to yourself, even you have at some point thought this. Again, this is not a complaint but setting our priorities right, right?? Yes, it is all about priorities and if we are into our career’s then striking a perfect work-life balance is the hardest thing. Can be done only after we set our goals and priorities right with life and work.

Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias
Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias

What will the ‘society’ say?

When will I stop thinking about this? No matter how modern or forward or independent we say we are, we tend to think about ‘society’. Yes, I too! Working on not thinking about it. But let’s get to the real question, do we ever stop thinking about this?

The answer is no! No, we cannot stop thinking about this. We have to listen and think about them as well. In the end, we like in a society and we should be a part of this, no matter what. Even though we have to think about ‘log kya kahenge’ we should not let it take over us which would pull us down!

Marriage and career, why not..!

This would be my favorite topic to talk about. Yes, it is difficult to manage but eventually (after so many errors and managing work-life struggles) we would come out with amazing colors which would make us feel like cloud 9. I agree it is not the same and smooth journey with everyone.

No one gets it easy, especially we women. Home, Family, Kids, and responsibilities along with career is a tough choice to make and handle. But it is not impossible.
Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias


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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

33 thoughts on “Responsibilities over life passion. #BreakTheBias”
  1. Very true, Sadvika.
    Women don’t have things easy. They have to juggle so many responsibilities.
    Many are doing this having made their choice. There are many women entrepreneurs now.
    Nothing is impossible for women.
    Great Insta pic 🙂

  2. Well said Sadvika, I agree with every word of yours. Women are the best known jugglers both in the professional and personal life. They can very well have both of them. The personal life and professional life as well.

  3. It’s sad when people expect women to chose family over her dreams. A very insightful write. We have to set an example for our generations to come. My mother broke the bias even before that when she joined AMC and was one on the 1st 3 women to join the army. My father broke the bias 52 years ago. He had distributed sweets to the whole hospital when I was born 52 years ago and he did the same when my daughter was born. Daughters were not a welcome sight then. A couple was considered unlucky if a daughter was born. He led by example and taught people to celebrate as Laxmi had come and that a daughter is as valuable as a son. Can you pls read my article and share your feedback. looking fwd to it. regards

  4. Women need to get over the feeling of guilt which engulfs them every time they choose themselves. That’s the only way to allow passion over responsibilities.

  5. It’s a thought provoking topic this one. I sometimes feel guilty if I think I am ignoring my household duties and responsibilities even though I would be doing it . This thing is fed into us and will take a long time to change.
    However, women do have the capability to manage everything. We’re amazing!

  6. I absolutely understand your point. I know how difficult it is for a woman to succeed in a man’s world. We women multitask so easily and manage both home and career but men can never match us.

  7. I agree a lot with what you’ve said- in my life I have never allowed society to impact my decisions and I think it’s high time we stop considering everything “society” considers appropriate to be so

  8. So true. Women should not be asked to choose but unfortunately, they are always. And also expected to “make adjustments” for the sake of the family. And if one questions the so called norms, the label is quick to follow.

  9. This post is food for thought. Women find themselves at cross roads of a choice because they are conditioned to put everything, and everyone else, before themselves.
    Your insightful post raises the right questions.

  10. A lot of my newly married friends are troubled by the pressure of managing work and home but they’ve got their priorities right which makes me so proud. Glad you brought it up!

    1. So true! We women are so much use dto juggling career, passion and family responsibilities together we eventually get used to it and actually start loving it and feel proud of the fact that we can do it all but inthis process we sometimes push other women also to do the same and expect if we could do it why not they. In this process we should not forget every women is different and has different capabilities does not mean she is not doing best.

  11. Women have been given names like superwomen, multitaskers but seriously I don’t want to be called all of these. I am a simple human being who finds extremely hard to have work life balance. But we are capable and can achieve anything. I don’t want to choose but want equality everywhere so that I can relax and enjoy what I am doing.

  12. Although it does come to choosing one, there are women who are doing both without any compromise. Wish society didn’t expect us to be superwomen.

  13. Women have never had it easy, and are always juggling and shuffling their life under unrealistic standards of what a woman should be especially in India. Being happy foremost, should be our criteria as an individual. Doing what you love and loving what you do, should be every individuals life mantra irrespective of gender.

  14. Society has been scrutinizing women for whatever she does. We have to juggle so much just to keep up to the expectations of becoming a Superhero who can manage both professional life and home.

  15. Women multitask and we are very good at it too! Dont think most men will be able to do it. And I always belive that one can make time for one’s passions always despite work and other responsibilitites. However, it is a choice that many women choose to let go of their passions and become busy with life and responsibilities. That is ok too as long as one is happy with the choice. But the unhappiness comes in when one is coerced into doing it and we then start to feel we have sacrified a lot of things. So it is important to have the freedom to choose.

  16. Women always have to make a choice, because It is still seen as our responsibility to take of home and family, and yes, it has been deep routed in our minds too … So, making a choice becomes mandatory and regret later, be it any.

  17. True – women often end up having to choose between one or the other. The day responsibilities at home are equally shared and women are able to concentrate on both work and home equally, we would have made a big leap towards equality.

  18. This is something I can completely relate to. Why should women choose between their passion and responsibilities? Why can’t we have both? #breakthebiasbloghop #breakthesilence

  19. Why only women needs to adjust their time table according to the needs of the family? Why she has to complete her all the tasks and then take out time for passion? Do men do that ? No, they don’t but women are expected to that. Being multi tasker was once a boon is now becoming a bane for all.

  20. Responsibilities over passion is chosen by men and women both who puts their family first. Many of the times, it is only women who doesn’t receive the flexibility and equal support from their partners so that they both can grow together in career as well as in life.

  21. Oh you have spoken my mind. Why do we need to choose? I want to enjoy my motherhood with my career and fuel my passion too. That is the freedom we need. Love it

  22. I read a lot of comments on celebrating ourselves as multi-taskers. Which filled me with dismay. Then I saw some posts questioning why we have to be multi-taskers and superwomen, managing home, family and work. Exactly! Ladies wake up! The time has come to support each other to make our own lives easier so we can enjoy work, home and family. Through gender sensitiation, sharing roles at home with spouses and other family members. Its a different strategy needed if we choose to combine work and home. There are a lot of inputs in Indira Nooyi’s talks on youtube. Given her high powered job she would leverage family members to help with kids when she could not. There is a full support system that needs to be put in place.

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