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Motherhood is a gift, is a blessing. Hell yes! But it is also a lifetime saga that continues. Read more on the 5 ways to re-connect with yourself after becoming a Mother. I remember my nine months of pregnancy. It was happiness, with lots of celebrations and yes, my favorite food! As days passed by we were so anxious about the bubble of joy that was due in our lives. A fantasy imagination of having a magical moment with all glitters. I am sure you all would have felt the same. It is a happy moment in our lives.

But do you think this is what Motherhood is all about?! Having a glittery life? Well, not really! There is always another side of the story. I call it the second side of Motherhood. Sometimes mothers do get irritated and do feel depressed. All we want is some alone time. Their are times that we don’t want to be called a “Mom”! Sometimes we feel we are not good enough for the kid. Sometimes we feel we are losing our identity in the whole process of being a mother. Do these questions sound familiar? I have sorted out a few on 5 ways to re-connecting with yourself after becoming a Mother. Read along to know more. 

  1. Schedule some time for yourself: I know as parents sticking on a schedule does not goes as planned. There would be something or the other issues that we have to look after. And kids especially toddlers need our attention. Planning out some me-time is when your kids are not around. Their nap time may become your me time! You might have a to-do list ready of what all needs to get done while the kids nap. Including your favorite, -time activity in the list helps to stick to it. Schedule yourself some time.
  2. Make yourself a priority: Well, as parents we will make kids our priority. There are days where you want to do something for yourself. As in the world of motherhood, making yourself a priority is still taboo and is often criticized. But a fact that you would want to admit is that unless you make yourself a priority you won’t be able to do things that you love. And it will make you feel frustrated at some point in life.
  3. Plan out your ideas: When you plan to schedule your time and make yourself a priority you immediately should come out with a plan. Making a list of things that makes you, You! Once you have all your lists, you would want to prioritize them. Once you have these ready, plan out a calendar see all your points are marker off the list!
  4. Met up friends: After becoming a mother, I hardly made it to any friend’s parties or just a casual meet-up with friends for that matter. This is normal and it happens to all. But sometimes going out with friends is like re-living those collage happy times and cherish those good old days. This is one of my favorites! This will shift the focus from your routine and you can refresh your memory with them. Surrounded by motherhood duties, we forget that how important it is to spend time with friends. This would bring back the old you. You before kids!
  5. You have to take care of yourself: No matter how much we talk about this, it feels less. After you become a mother, there is an added responsibility on you. And this might push back “taking care of yourself” This sometimes might go to an extreme that we would lose ourselves to motherhood. Yes, taking care of kids is an exhausting duty but sometimes off kids is the time that you could focus on yourself.

Motherhood journey is a long and sometimes an alone journey. Don’t stress yourself to give it all to the kids. No matter how much ever you do there would be something or the other that you have missed out on. Allow yourself to cool down. Give yourself some time and this would help you in getting back to life strong. As mothers, we already feel so tired that all that we could think of is sleep. But chores and responsibilities make their way to the middle.

Scheduling your daily tasks/chores and your interests properly will not make you losing to motherhood. Sometimes making yourself a priority is a must. Don’t feel ashamed of this, this is normal for bringing back the old you!


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10 thoughts on “5 ways to re-connect with yourself after becoming a Mother.”
  1. A happy mother ensures happy and healthy children. These are all wonderful ways to ensure that we reconnect with ourselves after becoming mothers.

  2. I always say and believe that a happy mom can raise happy kids and glad your tips are so great which will help so many!!

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