6 Habits to Increase Productivity6 Habits to Increase Productivity

6 Habits to Increase Productivity

Just get started:

We all have 24 hours in a day, whether you are a billionaire or a starter. The only way to make progress is to Start and to get stuff done. The action created action and inaction created more inaction. When you know you want to achieve something then just get going. No matter how small the action is. It always counts. Trust the process and be consistent with small steps. Always leaning forward (actions leading to progress)

Small and realistic tasks for each day:

Sometimes it might get difficult for us to dedicate a lot of time to one task. Break them into smaller units for each day. Having set 20 minutes for a task would make things easy. Like I did set a 30 minute to get this post done. Whatever works for you.

The Pomodoro Technique:

This works the best for me. it simply means have your to-do list set a timer for 25 minutes and work on it without distractions till the timer goes off. Once you have accomplished the task strike off of the list and enjoy the 5-minute break. Sounds simple right? This has come as a major win for me after being lazy/procrastinate for a while.

6 Habits to Increase Productivity

Plan out your energy:

We all have different energy levels. Some might feel very productive and energetic in the early hours or during the late hours of the day. Either way, choose a timeslot that would work for you and get you one task done, that would require your utmost focus. For me as a writer/blogger, it is always the mornings. From 4:30 am to 5:30 am, is typically my time where words do flow easily. Know yourself! Plan your energy.

Have a cut-off time:

Sometimes we do get overwhelmed by the amount of work we have and do for that particular day and tend to work more than usual. That would burn all our energy and make us not go back to the task the next day. Have a clear cut-off time! This will help you stay sane and you will try to complete your task within the time. Plan your day as such, try to work at your full capacity, and try not to get distracted by the text messages on Instagram.

Plan the night before:

I have been working on this for a week. I have read a lot about the benefits of this but never tried. But now a week later, I have become clearer about what I work on during my highly productive hours that is mornings. I usually come up with a topic to write on. Planning the night before would make it easier and you have your tasks laid out and planned all you have to do is get to it immediately. You would be prepared beforehand and you don’t need to spend time planning for the day.

These are the few that have been working for me. Comment below in the comment section for other tips that worked for you for me and the readers.

These are the 6 Habits to Increase Productivity that worked for me. Comment below what works for you. Would love to know.

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

22 thoughts on “6 Habits to Increase Productivity”
  1. Great tips Sadvika on increasing our productivity and getting things done. Planning the day and breaking down tasks into doable subtasks surely makes it less daunting. I also like to keep a small planner and reminders on my phone for high-priority tasks.

    1. Your tips are great for people who are looking to manage their time and for task oriented people also Sadvika. I esp. like ‘keeping the timer on’ one. I am a homemaker in a nuclear family and the reason why I like being one is cuz I am not under constant pressure. But I somehow feel if there was someone keeping an eye on me… like an MIL… I wouldv finished my household chores on time and not procrastinate them like I do now. I really like the idea of setting a timer to finish a particular task.

    2. I follow Pomodora technique and it includes everything, getting started with small task with a time frame. Have zero percent distraction with 100 percent focus and reward yourself when you successed

  2. Good tips – I like the pomodoro tip – ensures we focus on doing the task without distraction. I do a version of it with my kid to make him finish his things on time.

  3. What an informative post. The techniques mentioned by you are so simple and relatable and most importantly doable. I mentally plan the next day, but will try jotting on paper for better productivity and output.

  4. Great tips. I think the most important one is to just get started. Once we do that, half the battle is won. I have never used the Pomodoro technique but my daughter finds it very useful.

  5. I think the to do list works for me, especially if I do it the previous night. Though I’m intrigued by the rest, might try some as well.

  6. I wasn’t aware of Pomodoro Technique. So firstly thank you for introducing me to that. It sounds so doable and effective and will be definitely making it a part of my work schedule now. The cut-off time and planning the day before techniques work for me as well. This is a very useful listicle with easy and practical actionables, Sadvika.

  7. Having a cut-off time is crucial for preventing burnout. I used to struggle with overworking myself, but setting a clear cut-off time has helped me maintain a healthier work-life balance. It’s all about prioritizing self-care and avoiding the dreaded burnout.

  8. I found these tips very useful, Sadvika. You mentioned each and every point to increase productivity. I do use the Pomodoro Technique to increase my productivity and finish my projects within deadlines.

  9. I totally get the struggle of finding time in a day, and these habits seem super relatable and doable. Just taking that first step, no matter how small, makes a lot of sense.
    The Pomodoro Technique seems like a intresting strategy to maintain focus, and I know I need to incorporate it into my routine. Thanks for sharing these practical tips.

  10. I can vouch that pomodoro alwaaaays works. In a world of constant distractions, it is indeed a game changer. Other tips are great too. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Good tips! I liked the point about planning our energy levels. Most people like mornings but I feel evenings work for me better. Setting up a timer is quite useful.

  12. What pointers you suggested above are perfect to simplify our lives without creating much stress or energy loss which can take a toll on our health in the later time. The best part of you tips is that you made it simple for us to follow and implement in our lives and also to educate others about the steps. If I say I am grateful to you then that will not be enough as actually you showed us the path to a healthy, happy and successful life. I assure to follow them where I lack and will update you about the results.

  13. Wow, I absolutely love these tips! It’s so refreshing to see practical advice that anyone can implement right away. I’ve struggled with procrastination myself, and just getting started really resonates with me. I have tried Pomodoro technique and it really works for me too.

  14. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips on increasing productivity! Starting small and taking realistic steps each day is indeed crucial. I like the suggestion of breaking tasks into smaller units and using the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused. Planning our energy levels and setting a cut-off time are great strategies to maintain balance and avoid burnout. Planning the night before sounds like a smart way to prepare for the day ahead. Your insights are valuable.

  15. Great tips Sadvika. I like get started. I am house wife in a nuclear family and I know until you start your work it will finish fast. But you have to start. Sometimes I became lazy and just don’t want to start.

  16. I am really struggling to increase my productivity, and your tips are really sensible and practical. I am going to try all of these together, as so far i do one or the other, but i feel that the discipline of all of these together may just be the magic for me.

  17. These are all great tips – I try and plan beforehand but it doesn’t always work though! Yet to try the Pomodoro technique.

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