5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination

Most of us procrastinate if not all!! I am writing this after months of procrastination and being lazy to work my ass off of writing. I did comfort myself by saying “The writer’s block” You know that’s not all it, why I didn’t write for so long?

Like me, we all have been at this point sometime or the other. Every morning we wake up saying I have a lot to do and will make the most of it. But just procrastinated about it? Then this post is something that might help you.

5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination
5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination

5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination:

  • Stop Lying to Yourself:

Don’t we make all assumptions about our to-do list for the day? Hell yes! Also just accept the fact that you have been putting it off for quite some time. Stop saying that ‘you don’t have time for this, you are occupied and on and on. Stop lying to yourself, and admit that you are being lazy to complete certain work. Get the picture of the reality of what all you have to do.

  • Make your Goals clear: One task at a time

We all have goals, now it’s not just writing your goals on paper but you will have to make it smaller. Something like one thing at a time. Like, say you want to become a writer, and for that, you want to have a daily task of writing in different styles, you don’t learn all the styles in one day. Like so making smaller and realistic goals for each day will ultimately lead you towards your main goal.

  • Find your Vibe:

This only comes when you are truly invested in that said goal. The motivation should be a natural process. Nevertheless, if I had to speak for myself, then it was just hard for me to get back from the unintended break. But the vibe has dragged me to write again. This post comes after days of being consistent with research and writing. It’s like, if you like it, you’ll come back to it. a little push and determination is all that is required.

  • Know the answer to ‘Why’?

I tried this method, and the answer was pretty clear! It made things off of my mind and seriousness prevailed. Not kidding guys! The why has answers for almost everything that we do. And once you have your ‘why’ sorted out, boom! You are good to go!

  • Remove distractions:

Sometimes it’s not always laziness, not always that you are procrastinating but it might also be that you are way too distracted. Setting just 1 hour of your time and exclude all the possible distractions which include the phone of course! Just one hour a day depending on the nature of work you wanted to accomplish.

5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination
5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination

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31 thoughts on “5 Best Ways to Stop Procrastination”
  1. This a very well-written and useful post Sadvika. In my clinical experience, people who procrastinate are generally intimidated by the task at hand and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem questioning their abilities. As rightly pointed out, insight into the real cause of procrastination, breaking down the big goal into smaller achievable daily goals, and a boost to self-confidence often works well to make one a go-getter.

    1. I am a procrastinator too. When you talked about not writing and blaming it on writers block, I could identify with that. Have done that practically in the second half of 2023. I loved the points you have put forth. I believe most important is one step at a time. If we overload us with multiple goals, we tend to get overwhelmed and then stop doing altogether. More power to your pen, and keep writing.

    2. Let me about it! Well, not for writing cuz I have been fairly regular but I have been procrastinating getting back to reading books for the longest time Sadvika. I hate the feeling but I just don’t feel inclined. While I am writing this, there are 5 books in front of me that I bought and are unread… I will certainly try your method… n hope it helps????

  2. It’s a strong enemy to fight with. I struggle with it a lot. Thanks for your very useful tips. Removing distractions (especially smartphone) have helped me a lot atleast finishing the books I have started. I am going to try to use other tips too.

  3. Procrastination happens with me too and that too for things which I am not mentally ready to do and somehow situations and people around me bound me to do that. I will shy to say that moments I take help of Procrastination as a tool to give excuses for not doing the work. But if I think and signal my mind about the things I must do today or within given time-frame I will ensure I get it done by hook or by crook and even ready to work on the weird hours of the day to complete it on time. Not even a single distraction can divert me from executing the work that time. Am I not a weird case of Procrastination ? 🙁 How you will analyze me Sadvika I am really curious to know your opinion.

    1. Removing distractions has worked time and again for me. Just setup a timer on Google and promise yourself not to switch away from work tabs during that period. Viola. Quite often I finish work before that.

  4. Procrastinating is real challenge to achieve any goal. I am agree with you about creating a good working space and some exercise helps to defeat this challenge

  5. These are some very practical and actionable tips. I especially liked the ‘Know the answer to ‘Why’?’ and ‘Remove Distractions’ suggestions. I’m so happy to learn that you found your way out of the writing slump. That in itself proves that ‘ If you like it, you’ll come back to it. A little push and determination is all that is required.’

  6. I have procrastinated about so many things, until I figured out that it leads to a cascading effect. So, best to get up and organise yourself, certainly exercise and timely reminders and checklists help a lot in getting organised. We have to eventually do the task, so might as well meet the deadlines we set for ourselves.

  7. I have been training people on this from ages now and I know it’s not easy to come out of this habit. The most importantly we need to bring change in our attitude and mind set then everything fall into place. For me Pomodora technique works wonders, everyone have there own way to deal with it but before all this acceptance is the key.

  8. These tips are a game-changer for beating procrastination! I especially love the practical advice one task at a time. Can’t wait to put them into action and finally tackle those tasks I’ve been putting off. Thanks for sharing such helpful insights!

  9. Shameful to admit this, I am a big time procastinator. I really like your first point: stop lying to oneself. I mean , we always have to stay true to ourselves right? I also practice the 1 minute rule ie if it takes one minute or less to do, I complete it immediately.

  10. I agree about the why. I feel that if you want to do something, you will always find time for it. Or you will continue to be distracted. Those things we don’t like doing, we can always break it down into tasks.

  11. “The writer’s block” excuse is way too familiar, haha! But you’re right, there’s usually more to it than just that. It’s like we convince ourselves it’s okay to delay things when deep down, we know we could be doing better. Thanks for sharing these tips! Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder and some practical advice to kickstart our motivation and get us out of that procrastination rut.

  12. To do lists have worked well for me. Depending on amount of work, I make daily or weekly to-do lists. I also used to have daily time tables – but have seen them work for me when the task is big/ longer term and I am sufficiently motivated to do it. Otherwise I fall back.

  13. Sadhvika this was me exactly months back, but I user some of the tips you’ve mentioned here to set my goals right and I don’t get the tiniest chance to put away.

  14. I am the one who uses to procrastinate. Until I have a goal and if I written down it in my list chances are less but get demotivated too. Your post is helpful to find out where I am lacking it.

  15. I’m also guilty of procrastination. Your mention of blaming writer’s block for not writing resonated with me, especially in the latter part of 2023. I appreciate the insights you’ve shared, particularly emphasizing the importance of taking one step at a time. I have been writing even through my worst depressive phase, but not as consistent as I used to be. I registered to write a page but I cannot do it.

  16. Procrastination is a tricky topic. I think your points are perfect. For me, at times, it’s the lack of clarity. My curious mind can’t seem to define anything until it sees the clear image in my mind. I loved the first point: Stop lying to yourself. It felt as if you were calling me out. My favourite line was: This only comes when you are truly invested in that said goal.

  17. Sadvika – you called us right out with the 1st one! lol! stop lying to ourselves… I chronically have a long task list, and I start every day impractically thinking I can get it all done today, while taking breaks and even a nap in between! lol!!
    Your tips are practically and I am going to try following this and see if i can get a better handle on my procrastination.

  18. An extemely insightful and needful post. I would call procrastination as the silent killer, that not only makes you lazy but also demotivated. The tips are extremely helpful and doable, will surely adhere to them.

  19. Procrastination is an unfortunate reality for all of us! Thanks for sharing these practical tips.

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