Cook new food and tips to make your child eatCook new food and tips to make your child eat

Some children are fuzzy when it comes to having food. And while you may think that he is fuzzy and so he doesn’t eat the different items well, you might be wrong with this. So, here I share my tips to Cook new food and tips to make your child eat.

Cook new food and tips to make your child eat
Cook new food and tips to make your child eat

They would have the new items when you just try to give him. They would take time to accept but would eventually start liking it as well.

 Making the mealtime a happy time is very important. Once they become cranky, they won’t even taste the new meal items that you give them. Mealtime should be a happy time, always.

Here are few things that I would make sure, it is this way.

  • Mealtime a happy time. Always!
  • Be with your kids whenever possible while eating.
  • Let them know that you enjoy eating that food too.
  • Get them involved in preparing it. This makes them more curious.
  • Give them new food when your kid is in a good mood and willing to try.
  • Explain to them that they have to eat within a limit of time. Say, set 15-20 minutes.
  • If they don’t eat within that time, don’t offer any other junk alternative.
  • Do not punish kids for not eating food. Sometimes even we don’t want to eat food.
  • Do not bribe. Do not say, eat food I will give you so and so. This would make kids more interested in the gift that you give and not on mindful eating.
  • If they don’t eat a portion of new food, don’t stop! Keep giving it to them. It takes about 15-20 attempts until they finally like and accept to eat it happily.
  • Do not cook separately for your kids. Serve them the same that you eat. This would be easy for you and healthy for them.
  • Do not serve a new food as a whole. Give new food along with some portion of food that he likes.
  • Let your kids eat by themselves. Yes, it will be messy. But this would make them more interested in eating and happier and prouder when they complete.
  • Don’t leave your child with food. Be there to help them if needed.
  • If your kids are cranky or not in a good mood, do not force them more. They won’t eat anyway.

Just because your kids don’t eat new foods doesn’t mean that you serve them the same routine food all day, every day! It would take time for them to accept or like a new group of foods.

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12 thoughts on “Cook new food and tips to make your child eat”
  1. I used to struggle a lot while introducing a new food item to my kids. Eventually, I ended up cooking separately for them. This was perhaps the biggest mistake of mine. But things changed gradually and now they have started accepting the variations quite willingly.

  2. my lo is 2 yrs old. i m still sturggling with her eating shcedule. despite following all the tips as mentioned by you.

  3. All easy and practical tips. Easy to follow and will definitely help parents deal with fussy eaters. A very well researched post
    Deepika Sharma

  4. I agree with u are fussy but we must find ways to make them eat and enjoy the food…we should not nag them to eat. If they participate in the cooking they will surely eat. My grandsons like to cook and they eat all kinds of foods.

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