Guide for new moms on multi taskingGuide for new moms on multi tasking

Mom’s and Multi-tasking go hand in hand. This is a fact that we have been doing for ages and there is no denying this. As time changes, the process of getting things done also changed. Particularly if it is 2020! Many things have changed around and the urge to get many things done at the same time. Read more on the Guide for New Moms on Multi-tasking.

Guide for new moms on multi tasking
Guide for new moms on multi tasking

Before all this Covid happened, we were getting some help from our in-laws, parents, and even maids. But post-Covid things changed and we all are stuck with some added responsibility to deal with. And so multi-tasking has become the new normal for new moms and everyone at home to an extent. 

Sometimes Motherhood can be a lonely journey and most certainly Covid has proved it right and going a little hard on new moms. Here I could manage to talk about few important tips that might help new moms in the Covid times. 

Guild for New Moms on Multi-tasking:

  • Having your baby near you:

 Yes, this makes your baby be with you and near you. It would be easy if you could get your work done while you sit near your baby.

  • Wear your baby while you work:

 Well, this would save time and you don’t need to rush in between your works and the baby. Sometimes kids need constant attention. New mom’s take note! This can be practically possible and saves time while you try to fold laundry or just tiding up home.

  • Tasks that can be Priorities:

Well, Multi-taking is not just getting all the works done. But striking off the works that are important off your list. Having a plan that works for you and that would have the most important task at first will do the work. Prioritizing your to-do things will make you more productive.

  • Use the Naptime:

Well, this is the time that all our moms wait for. Especially, New Mom’s as for them the newborn needs more attention, and all the works around the house just needed to catch up! ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ this phase is gone long ago. Well, this is the only time we Mother get to get things done. Either home chores or sometimes for ourselves. 

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  • Combine two tasks: 

Well, one task at a time works well for most of us. But few chores can be combined. Let’s say, Laundry- do, fold and put away so that this would be done at once. Sweeping: Sweep, dust, and tidy up. vegetables: if you have got them home, sort, put and chop if you have time. 

So New Mom’s hope you find this helpful. You are doing a great job! To continue your work, you may need few changes. That’s it!

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  1. Like how you outlined each point and elaborated on them. Wish someone had made a guide when i was a young mom. You doing a wonderful job
    Deepika Sharma

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