Your Husband and your kids are fine! But are you, mom?

Your Kids and Husband are fine. But are you ,mom?

The most common question that we moms get asked. How are the kids? How is your husband? They are fine!! But How are you doing, mom?! I again ask, Your Husband and your kids are fine! But are you, mom? Motherhood edition.


Well, when you are good, everything would be good.

Your kids and husband are fine! But are You, Mom?
Your kids and husband are fine! But are You, Mom?

Mom, Motherhood is a long journey and sometimes it can become lonely too. Covid or no Covid house chores and kids’ responsibilities are on mothers’ shoulders. This might make you a little low, a little tired. (

As a new mother or a mother in general you have to keep telling yourself that it is OK and you would give your best for your kids! You have to keep reminding yourself that you are fine and are doing a great job.

It is normal to feel anxious and be panicked and along with these comes the mood swings. Physical and mental burnouts would scare the hell out of you and so you won’t be able to give your 100%. Ever felt this way?

Yes! I have and I am sure most of you all answer is also a Yes! This is normal, isn’t it? If so, then why are you stressing yourself? I know, we are modern moms and so this is too much for us to take. And for a fact, what do you expect from kids? They are going to be the attention seekers and needy little people and always ready to throw a tantrum.

Your kids and husband are fine! But are you, mom? Motherhood edition
Your kids and husband are fine! But are you, mom? Motherhood edition

And do the hell with the quote that says, ‘Motherhood is filled with joy’ Mom, Motherhood days are just awesome. They are kids, they will do the shit that they want to, anyway! They would throw tantrums at you in public places which are uncontrollable. But that’s fine, they are kids!

You have to be fine! You may have days filled with depression alone with anxiety. But it is just going to another day and this shall too pass. Don’t be so hard on yourself for being a perfect mom and a wife. No one is perfect.

We all have days that we suck at what we do and that’s fine! Your kids are fine! Your husband is fine! But are you fine??!! Well, when you are fine, they would be fine too! Get yourself put together and try not to lose yourself in the journey of Motherhood, Mom!

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  1. Of course physical and mental burnout happens to the best of us and it is vital to keep your sanity
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Hey I love the look like picture of your and your girls. I too brought up two girls and made them wear identical clothes ( which they hated) but I didn’t twin with them because my clothes were always unfashionable ‘mommy’clothes.
    It’s lovely to read your advice to young mothers……

  3. Very well said! Chasing perfection can yield no results. It is better to love and accept oneself with all imperfections.
    Lovely picture ❤️

  4. You are so right my dear we may have bad days but it is v important for is to maintain our sanity.

  5. These days moms are having their Me time and time out…in our times there was nothing like that. Mm had to be hands-on 24/7. Dads never even held thekids. You girls are lucky that way 🙂 Stay blessed dear.

  6. Absolutely right, in running around being a mother we should not forget the woman within us. Self-care, self Love, Me time all this we need to manage for ourselves as no one is going to serve all this on a platter. It’s normal to get irritated, angry, or stressed but just find time to come out of it and take care of yourself. There is no race to win, so go slow at your easy pace.

  7. Agree completely, moms are always bounded with pressure of multiple responsibilities and they never complain about it. I think other family members should understand this thing and should give some extra care and pampering to their house caption on at least some days of year.

  8. Not many ask this question to a mom. Physical and mental burnout is true, this too shall pass keeps me going.

  9. Absolutely!! We will have to make peace with physical and emotional stress, sometimes. Indulge ourselves in some self-care routine usually helps in co-oping up with difficult emotions and physical tiredness.

  10. It is important to take care of our mental and Physical health equally. Thanks for sharing this post

  11. Very much valid question. As mom’s we need to take care of ourselves first before start taking care of others, Cute photograph

  12. Yes! Unfortunately, Indian moms are famous for putting our health and mental sanity on the back burner, which is equally, in fact, more important than any other family member to keep the whole family on track! Glad you wrote about this unnoticed chapter of mom’s life.

  13. Physical and mental burnouts are normal and it doesn’t make a mother, less caring. Beautiful picture ?

  14. So true.. Do not try to be perfect.. Perfection is a myth. As a mother we are always on a guilt trip no matter how much ever we do.. There will be one thing that is good enough to make us feel bad. I think we should start thinking about ourselves now before we get totally trapped.

  15. I agree dear Self-care, self Love, Me time all this we need to manage for ourselves before thinking about others .

  16. Loved that picture! You’re all looking so cute with colour-coordinated clothes. Well, am fine on some days and not on others. Honestly, I inform my family about my state of mind and they understand and leave me alone if I want them to.

  17. Maintaining our own sanity is of utmost importance to take care of the rest

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