The magic of reading for kidsThe magic of reading for kids

Hey guys! I love reading books, and it’s been a while since I read any. This would be my first book and book review after a long gap. So, today’s pick is “The magic of reading aloud to young kids” by Charu Sareen Gujjal

Reading aloud for young kids
Reading aloud for young kids

As I have two girls, one is a preschooler and the other is in grade 1, I have never read a book to them. Yes! As guilty as hell. The title happens to catch my attention. I have read a lot about including reading to young kids as a part of daily routine but none of which couldn’t answer my question, how to?!

But this book by Charu Sareen has made my mind so clear that I have ordered few books as well. Explained why reading is important as it is one of the 4 language learning skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking)

Amazed to know the benefits and I do agree with ‘Break from Technology’. As Covid happened, kids are home all day for a year now and I was clueless as to how to make them a little less interested in tv. I guess I found my answer! And the other point I agree with is, reading increased the concentration span. As you all know, toddlers won’t sit for online classes and it is been trouble for parents as well as teachers. I so want to read to my kids and hope they would change if I read consistently.

Love her ideas as to how to make kids sit for reading time. Like all parents, I had the same question, Will kids sit for the reading time?! Well, after reading here strategies and tips/ideas I would say they would sit if you make it a fun task! Love your ideas girl. My most favorite is, making a little reading corner for the reading time. That little corner has become my favorite writing corner as well.

Few kids do not sit no matter how much fun we try to make. Charu gave few ideas that would make a reluctant reader sit for the books. She stressed the importance of reading as a habit at the same time she mentions not forcing kids to read every day. It is ok if they don’t sit. It is ok if they don’t read for few days together. But if you continue to read aloud to them while they are playing, they would develop interest, and eventually develop an interest in reading!

Reading and re-reading have described its importance of it. kids tend to remember dialogues or sentences that they like a lot. Well, I am yet to start reading for my kids, so I would like to share an example with my kids, my kids liked the Laxmi movie of Akshay Kumar and watch it on a repeat mode. Well, it has become a comedy movie for them! They would remember almost all the dialogues of it because they have seen it many times. I could relate to reading and re-reading through this.

Lastly, love her Panchatantra-based points. Her post about reading for kids is so motivating. I am already late in making this a priority. I hope, I could give a more sensible foundation for my kids too.

Download her book, The Magic of reading aloud for young kids

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14 thoughts on “The magic of reading aloud to young kids. Book review!”
  1. The title of the book itself is so catchy that every new parent would like to read it. I like Charu’s writing. Its very practical and hands on. Reading aloud to kids has many benefits. I havebeen reading to by kids since teir childhood. Even before they started to talk, I started to read them books and I have seen their interest growing with every passing year.

  2. Charu is one of my favourite blogger and I am sure she has shared some amazing tips and benefits of reading aloud to our kids. loved your honest review dear. will check out this book for sure.

  3. Charu is one of the most versatile bloggers and this book looks so perfect for parents to grab and learn the importance of reading for kids!! I have downloaded this book, yet to complete it!!

  4. I love Charu’s simple and impactful writing. Also could not agree more with the title, reading aloud to children definitely has plenty of benefits

  5. that’s good advice to make a little reading nook, gonna try this. WILL DOWNLOAD THE BOOK TO CHECK SOME OTHER AMAZING IDEAS.

  6. Charu’s posts on parenting are always well-written and helpful. The title sounds interesting and I’m sure the book would be great too. Reading to kids is underrated and I agree that kids do listen.

  7. My son is 4 and though he can’t read on his own as yet, he remembers the stories as they are in the book coz I read them loud to him and now he knows each line as it is. Reading aloud has its own benefits.

    1. The title sounds interesting and I’m sure the book would be great too. Reading to kids is underrated and even i had also stressed upon this in my ebook too . Glad to know your honest review .

  8. I have downloaded your book. I ll read and review soon.
    yes I ll check out the book that you mentioned. being a mother of a toddler, m looking for tips to how to make her sit n read more books. thanks

  9. It indeed is important to read with kids from an early age for them to become natural readers. Even I have been trying few tips with my kids that have helped us a lot. I Will surely check out Charus book as well.

  10. I too have downloaded this one and really excited to read it soon. Thanks to blogchatter my library is filled with new books and awesome recommendations 🙂

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