Dawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika KylashDawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika Kylash

Dawn’s Desire, the story starts with a flash back, 6 years ago and how two strangers meet up in a bar and how destiny choses them to become one! Having fights like any other relationship just that they are very unusual and dramatic.

Rishi a corporate lawyer by profession meets Simar a marketing head for a big firm meet in a club and happen to talk over drinks. Simar has the pre-planned idea of having the one-night stand and wanted to experience it by any means and so she introduced herself with other name.


Back to 6 years later, destiny is such that they have common friends and she was suggested a house in the apartment he was living in. Their first meet after that night happens in a gym where he was training for the MMA and she goes to attend the aerobics demo class.

Dawn’s Desire continues to keep the hook right up with its story line as how they managed to be normal in front of their friends. A fact that we all agree upon is that, we tend to talk and sort things up with people when they are around us or stay near to us. This is what happens with Rishi and Sehar.

Dawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika Kylash
Dawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika Kylash

They tend to sort things up and love evolves! Author, Shilpa has described amazingly the passionate love between them in different occasions. I felt the love around me in air. It impressed me! Apart from their unusual start they had their own family issues.

My most favorite lines from the book, “Fair warning, Pretty Girl. When I love, I love like a madman. Whether you choose to love me back or not, know that this maniac is yours. Forever”

“No lies, no expectations, no demands, no ask, just the truth” I guess this is what in a relationship makes it stronger. Rishi was so in love with Sehar, in his words, “It drove me crazy, the need, the yearning, the sheer emotion that exploded inside me when it come to this woman.”

No lies just the truth, as Rishi expected from Sehar right then other fact was dropped, this time from a friend of them. Sehar was pregnant with Rishi 6 years ago with the one-night stand and also lost the baby too, she did not tell him as she was waiting for the “right time”. Well, there is never the right time to tell the sad thing.

The family up’s and down’s and their relation was on again and off again followed by really good common friends. It is so amazing to read how they all unfold into an end. This book is perfect for this not so perfect relation.

Dawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika Kylash
Dawn’s Desire Book Review by Sadvika Kylash

About the Author:

Shilpa Suraj is a published author with Harlequin India and Juggernaut, she writes stories that are sweet, tender, angsty and passionate. Her favorite genres are women’s fiction and romance.

Her other books, Might night’s star, Twilight’s Temptation, The Right Kind of Wrong, The Kapoor Brothers Box set.

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