Writing tips for toddlersWriting tips for toddlers

Getting toddlers or preschoolers to write is a huge task. Sometimes they come willingly and sometimes they just don’t. these are the few tips that are working with my kids. Hope you find the Writing tips for Toddlers helpful.

Writing tips for toddlers
Writing tips for toddlers

Let them do few things to themselves: Writing Tips for toddlers

This self-help is a great way to make them more curious about anything. This skill enhances them to be creative and independent (adult supervision is mandatory) Things starting from filling the water bottles or putting clothes back in the closet. These small tasks would help them be more independent. And while you help them with writing they would accept help only a few times and want to do it on their own.

Having creative supplies: Writing tips for toddlers

Just writing will get them bored off so soon and it would lean to leave writing halfway. I found the best way that works with my kids is, having craft time on regular days. Craftworks means, being creative with hands and this would promote doing things more with hands and thus writing.

Legos and building blocks: Writing tips for toddlers

They are responsible for fine motor skills as it includes thinking and placing blocks pieces into a place creating a structure out of it. sometimes they make some random shape of the building. This would help them to start on their own while writing too.

Interesting writing books: Writing tips for toddlers

Kids would be so interested in writing in a new book. So these hacks work for me in getting my preschooler kids to write and leaving them on their own and not judge everything they try to write on their own.

They are kids and preschoolers who have less concentration span. Making them sit and write for long they would eventually end up getting cranky. Having a schedule would work well. Firstly, making them understand how the routine works.

Be realistic with the routine. Keep in mind the small concentration span kids have and plan your study accordingly. As for writing, they need to be in a good and pleasant mood. So set the writing time, while they are in a happy mood.

Hope you find these Writing tips for Toddlers useful. Would love to know more about writing tips that you have. Comment and share it with the world.

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20 thoughts on “Writing tips for Toddlers”
  1. I always motivate my kids to write, it helps them to think, create and find their interest as well.
    Writing also improves handwriting which is somewhere lost since online school started.
    Filling bottles and keeping clothes in a rack sure teach them helping in household work and being independent too.

  2. Lovely tips. Writing makes them think a lot. MY son had put up a blackboard screen on one full wall. Now they keep writing or drawing there and in areas of the house there is no scribbling.

  3. I’ve given my kids everything from markers, chalks and pens to write on whiteboards, black paper and books respectively. It always helps to encourage them, if only to doodle at first.

  4. Great tips and very useful for mommies with toddlers. I still have a board at home ,now my younger one uses it in her role play where she is always a teacher and Elder one and me as her student.

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