Young Blood. Terrifying college tales. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

Young Blood. Terrifying college tales. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

Young Blood would be my first ever horror book and man, I was thrilled by it. I was always someone who closes the back door quickly right after coming inside without having to look back again. And choosing Young Blood was tricky for me.

Young Blood. Terrifying college tales. Review by Sadvika Kylash.
Young Blood. Terrifying college tales. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

Love the book cover, it gives that feeling of being the horror genre with blood stains and that spooky seats on the cover. The color selection for the cover book was on major plus point to have a first impression. Have you not heard of such stories from your friends during a random study hour or mostly during that last night’s studies?

This book, Young Blood is all about such stories that I have heard from friends just that these stories were way more terrifying. The book starts with “Challenge Accepted” which is a story based in Hyderabad since I am from Hyderabad too and have heard various stories about the same college.

Young Blood. Terrifying college tales. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

What I like:

Young Blood is all about having narrated 10 different true stories based on different college campuses. It gave me absolute chills while reading it. As I got connected with the story Challenge Accepted, it did set a mood for the rest.

Chapters go like this:

  • Challenge accepted
  • Pen for your thoughts
  • The Inner Door
  • Who the fuck is Alice?
  • The Benefits of Doubt 
  • The colors of a bruise
  • Final Possessions
  • Ghost of a Chance
  • The sacrifice
  • Good girls, bad girls

As I got connected with Challenge Accepted but my most favorite among all the stories was the “Final Possession”. I love the narration of these horror stories. Every story is worth the read. I was always a love story freak and I would go with the flow, but this book made me present in the situation and see the story unfold.


I would like to give 4.7/5. However, wish there was a happy ending at the end of some stories.

About the Author: As her book goes.

Chandrima Das has a B.Tech in Computer Science and MBA from IIM Calcutta. After a decade-long career in management, she finally followed her passion for writing and made it her full-time! Her first book, The Talking Dead, (which is an e-book and also an Audiobook) was a best seller in the horror category. She even took part in many storytelling events.

Title: Young Blood: Ten Terrifying College Tales

Author: Chandrima Das

Genre: Fiction/Horror/Short Stories

Publisher: Harper Collins India

Format: Paperback / Kindle Edition

Get your copy from here

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  1. I am hearing a lot about this book all across the web. Seems like a great collection of spooky stories. Thanks dear for sharing your honest review.

    1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

      January 22, 2022 at 12:43 pm

      It looks like a great collection of horror stories. Though I’m not so much in this genre, will refer to my sons. They’ll be happy 😁.

  2. I’ve read this book too and agree that the stories are indeed chilling. The author has a firm grip on the narrative and does justice to it though.

  3. The book sounds really interesting and gripping. Every hostel usually has its own share of horror tales and ghost stories, and this one seems to bring them alive.

  4. I read this book and loved it completely. Like the narration so much so that I finished this book really quick. Though it is horror but every story has a take away which is quite valuable.

  5. This was my first read of this year. Though horror is not my genre the author made this a worthy read for me

  6. I am hearing such good reviews of this book and would surely love to soak myself in the ten tales

  7. This book is gaining a lot of popularity from bookstagramers and book bloggers as I’ve read some amazing reviews about this book everywhere. Sadly horror is not my genre but I am sure the book is a fabulous read going by your review.

  8. Terrifying tales from college.. wow that looks to be an interesting bunch of stories to read. The chapters headings too look awesome.

  9. The book is indeed a wonderful read it seems. I liked the story line and will surely want to pick it up and read. Infact I have recently got a reference for this book from a friend too.

  10. The book name itself is very interesting. I like the plot of it. I will get a copy for me too.

  11. Thank you for sharing such an informative blog with us. I found this very useful for everyone.

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