The Mars Conspiracy book review by Sadvika KylashThe Mars Conspiracy book review by Sadvika Kylash

The Mars Conspiracy

In the captivating science fiction book, “The Mars Conspiracy” by Dr. Razi Ahmed, ancient history and science fiction are intertwined. The story follows when Dr. Daniel Soren joins the Mars Colonization Project under the guidance of the enigmatic scientist, Noel Minj. Little does he know that the mission to colonize Mars and the fascinating ancient Egyptian culture are inextricably linked.

The story takes us back to 1300 BC when Pharaoh Ankhenaten is attempting to save his dying son. He requests the “visitors from the sun-disc” for assistance. And, in exchange, Ankhenaten sets out on a journey that will have a significant impact on history. Let us fast-forward to the present day, where three social media influencers notice a crop circle that was left behind by an unknown entity. That killed and attacked a villager near the Space Tech Facility.

As the Mars Colonization Project gains momentum. And the world’s eyes are fixed on the first unmanned rocket, dubbed “The Starship,” the true motives of Noel Minj start to surface. The novel builds up the mystery and suspense little by little. Hooking readers and leaving them eager to uncover the truth.

The Mars Conspiracy. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

The author skillfully intertwines two seemingly unrelated themes in the story. The historical and scientific details are meticulously crafted, also adding authenticity to the narrative. Razi’s engaging style of writing draws readers into the fictional world, making it easy to get fully immersed in the story.

Fans of science fiction and ancient history will find “The Mars Conspiracy” to be an engaging and exciting read. The author, Razi, skillfully combines these two genres resulting in a compelling and original tale. This book is perfect for those who are searching for something that will pique their curiosity. While exploring the mysteries of the past and the possibilities of the future.

Have you ever dreamt about a fictional character? If so, would you like to share your dream?

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26 thoughts on “The Mars Conspiracy. Book review by Sadvika Kylash”
  1. Ancient history and science. Wow! People are really getting bolder and creative now a days! Not sure if I would enjoy this book but will keep it on my list nevertheless!

  2. “The Mars Conspiracy” seems to be a captivating blend of science fiction and ancient history. I’m intrigued by the seamless integration of these themes and it’s fascinating to see how the story intertwines the Mars Colonization Project with the mysteries of ancient Egypt. I’m definitely adding this book to my reading list!

    1. I am not too much into sci fi but ancient history I love esp. anything to do with the wonders like the pyramids of Egypt. The book may have some insights into the mystery of the monument as you’ve mentioned that the pharaoh sets out on this journey to save his son and that has a historical significance.
      Must be an interesting and thrilling read Sadvika. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. The MArs Conspiracy sounds full of intrigue and excitement, I like the premise and it also reminds me of Vineet Bajpai’s “Pralay” though that had an Indian context but was nail-biting and racy.

  4. That is quite an interesting concept. It has been a while since I read a sci-fi book with a dose of history. Definitely checking out the book. Thanks for sharing about it.

  5. I read another blogger’s review on the same book and they said it loses focus on the science fiction bit of the story after a while. That kind of turned me off the book. But yours is making me reconsider and think maybe I was too quick to dismiss the book. Will check it out

  6. The book looks quite interesting. Science fiction with history I never read this kind of book. Because of the touch of history it intriguing. Surely going to read.

  7. I am a big fan of science fiction but not all books deliver what’s expected from a great sci-fi novel. This book sounds like an intriguing read! I love how it combines elements of science fiction with ancient history. I’m definitely adding this to my reading list! Thanks for the review.

  8. Your review does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the book and highlighting its appeal to fans of both genres. I can imagine myself getting fully immersed in the narrative, eager to uncover the truth alongside the characters. As for dreaming about fictional characters, I can’t say I’ve experienced that myself, but it sounds like it would be an interesting and surreal experience! Have you ever had a dream like that? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

  9. Your review caught my eye, and I’m really drawn to the story’s idea, especially since it’s set in ancient Egypt. I’ll definitely give it a go, and I’m pretty sure my son will be into it too. Looks like we’ll be picking up a copy soon.

  10. These days I am showing some interest in sci-fic genre and this book seems to be a great read for me. But I am really mesmerized to see that these days old and new others are showing the guts to think in a different way and that is absolutely so brilliant to witness. Ancient history with science fiction I am sure will be a deadly and brilliant combination which readers will love to explore and will enjoy also equally. You have done the review so well that I am going to pick this book soon and read. Till then wait for my side of review. Much Love

  11. “The Mars Conspiracy” by Dr. Razi Ahmed sounds like an absolutely thrilling read! I haven’t dreamt about a fictional character recently, but after reading your review, I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about the characters from “The Mars Conspiracy” tonight! It sounds like the kind of story that sticks with you even after you’ve finished reading it.

  12. INteresting combination of ancient history and sci-fi. Reminded me of the book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ where the author presents a hypothesis that some of our ancient miracles such as the pyramids were actually built with the help of some advanced aliens because humans did not have the knowledge to make these things at that time.

  13. Wow! never read a combo of science fiction and history. From your review, it sounds interesting too. What would your rating for this book be?

  14. Wow, this book has all of my favourite elements. Set partly in Egypt and fueling the alien connection, it definitely has sparked my interest. Will check it out on Kindle. Hope they have it.

  15. what an interesting premise! science fiction and the mysterious Egypt in one story together – now you have me intrigued too about the mystery and their true intentions.

  16. Science fiction and ancient history wow great combo. “The Mars Conspiracy” definitely sounds like a exciting book. Would love to get my copy soon.

  17. Interesting book review, Sadvika. It’s difficult to marry sci-fi with history. But the author seems to have done a successful job. Pharoah’s have always intrigued me and I loved being at the Pyramids, but this is another ball game altogether.

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