The Ex-Factor. Book review by Sadvika KylashThe Ex-Factor. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

The Ex-Factor book be like – Do you want to know, what it is like to be talk first and think later person? Then the main character, Oindrilla Roy, is. She describes her family as a perfect Bengali family. The beginning of this book explains the above statement.

The Ex-Factor: The Beginning

It all started with a high-pitched tone of her mother in an unearthly hour about the maid who ran away two days back and was not willing to work in a Bengali family and so was the cook! Now this has got to her mother’s nerves. Her parents were working in a high office for the government.

Oinks (as she is referred by her friends) contributes to the house and heads to the office. She doesn’t happen to be talkative around the office so gets along with only one of her colleagues, Rajat. At EOFA, for a project, she has to go to Shillong along with others. And just before she thought this was the biggest news she would get, one more awaited her. Her best friend Sweety and Divya were seeing each other.

The Ex-Factor. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

The Ex-Factor: The Chaos

As Oinks and her mother are headed to Kolkata to visit her Mamu’s family, and during her flight, her mother being the usual Mom was sunaoing. She tried to look who was that fairly dashing man sitting next to her mom. and when finally, they landed she knew that he was Vivek! Her ex! He is someone who had to study Korean in the first place! He greeted her and she was more in shock that she gave a wage answer.

As they reach her Mamu’s house, after a couple of days there, her baby cousin, Ankitha gives her another shock, by telling her she is in love and will text you soon. This is when they have to leave, her mom for Delhi to take care of her kutta’s and Oinks to Shillong.

Little did she know that her ex would be her colleague! They both have many awkward situations but try to be more civilized around the other team members. Seeing each other has created a sense of the old love being back and trying to get the differences off. On top of this Sweety and Divya eloped to Shillong and so did Ankitha in Cal.

The Ex-Factor: Happy Ending?

She guff’s off many times after she thinks he is engaged and wants to distance herself. Then her office buddy Rajat who was being friendly finally expressed his feelings and got dumped. Oh, by the way, Vivek’s engagement was called off by him!

After so much drama from both and also from Sweety-Divya, she gathered the courage to talk to him. All she did was express how she felt and ran off to the emergency stairs. And then comes the time, he too was in love with the same old person!

They were always in love, and tried to move on but never really did. As truly said, Love in the time of Chaos comes so true with Oindrilla and Vikek!

Yes, a happy ending and no escaping!

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26 thoughts on “The Ex-Factor. Book review by Sadvika Kylash”
  1. You have given a brief update about the book which enables the reader to know what they can expect. The overall plot gives a movie vibe and hence youngsters who love this genre will celebrate it.

  2. I read the book because I like reading romances. I thought the love part was a little less said and the language wasn’t refined. Nevertheless, romance is a cheesy anytime moddlifting genre.

  3. That was a clever review, boy meets girl, but they have misunderstandings which somehow resolve and they live happily ever after! You sneakily told me if I picked this book, I was about to have a fuzzy good time without revealing the full story.

  4. Short and crisp review exactly on point Sadhvika. You have really written it so good. You actually now how to make someone interested towards a book because I had opted for many of your reviewed books and I wasnt let down.

  5. I have read mixed reviews about the Ex-Factor. Your review does not give too much away while piquing interest. I do love reading romances once in a while. Adding it to my TBR.

  6. Your review captured the essence of “The Ex-Factor: The Beginning”! Oindrilla Roy’s character sounds intriguing, and the way the story begins with her family dynamics sets the stage for an engaging narrative. I always love to read stories with happy ending. Looking forward to reading more about her adventures and the surprises that await her. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Not yet lucky to read this book but I can make out from your review that it will be a good one time read for me. I would like to appreciate the way you penned the review for this book. Honestly I have not read such to the point review of any book . Its a talent and I a really like to congratulate you for that. Short and crisp… Yet so perfect Inking of Review.

  8. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to read this book, I can tell from your review that it will be a good read for me. I want to thank you for the thoughtful review you wrote on this book. Sincerely, I would like reading this as I love to read fiction genres. Short and sweet… Yet the review’s inking is so flawless.

  9. I loved this book. It was a quick, easy and cheery read. Although I definitely wondered about the casual sex part in their lives, in these days. Has it become this common or is just Hollywood influence? Or am I too conservative? Not being judgemental but just wondering.

  10. I really enjoyed reading the review. Not a big fan of romance much but yeah ! It seems little interesting to me. Presently reading a novel so, may be after few days.

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