Do not judge by the way I talkDo not judge by the way I talk

Do not judge by the way I talk is a short story of a schoolgirl in an English medium school.

“I am in class 5 of an English medium school one of the best in my city. Was good at studies and other activities. I used to get all praises from teachers and other staff but I am a very shy person and talk less normally.”

Despite having good grades my English is not so good and I guess this is the reason I don’t talk much. My friends always made fun of me and made me more conscious. I have a close group of friends who always have my back.

Few of my other friends made fun of me, the way I talk and mimic me. This was the last straw I could take and I cried whenever they teased me. Because of this, I did not want to go to school. My close friends always stood by my side and helped me when I needed help.

Do not judge by the way I talk
Do not judge by the way I talk

Since I was in grade 5, we have had to talk on various topics in the class. And this was like a nightmare come true for me. I tried to convince my teacher that I won’t be doing it. I connived them about my English not being up to the mark.

“If you don’t deal with your fears now, you will never be able to come out of it,” my teacher said. I was almost having a sleepless night the day before. With the help of friends and teachers, I could come up with a topic to speak about, moreover with a new wave of confidence.

And I did it! I nailed it. At the beginning was shivering at the beginning but my teacher was confident. I could get over my greatest fear of speaking. After listening to what I spoke all my other friends also congratulated me.

Do not judge by the way I talk

And now, I don’t just have a group of friends, but the whole class is my friends. U feel more confident and happy with the support and I have no fear of being judged by the way I speak.

Do not judge by the way I talk
Do not judge by the way I talk

This is a simple fiction story about how small things matters for Mental Health. How helping someone when they need would rescue us from being further drowning into depression.

In this series, I would write about more such fiction stories in which small elements would help the character into a better state of mind.

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