Silence is equally hurtingSilence is equally hurting

Silence is equally hurting. This is a story of a wife who is having downtime in her marriage.

“I was 22 when I got married. I was young and I was happy. It was an arranged marriage and I had no problem with it. I liked my husband’s photo and so did the wedding got fixed. I was happy and was busy with all the preparations”.

The official meeting happened, and I spoke with my fiancé and his family. They seemed very happy and I did not see any issue to be worried about. “He looks nice and I like him too, Ma I am ok with this proposal. He is little silent I guess, but I am ok with it.”

Exams were round the corner! In my final year of master’s, I would be a graduate and married. We decided to wait until I finished my exams so that it would not be a problem. I and Shashank spoke almost every day, days went by and I finished my exams.

Silence is equally hurting.
Silence is equally hurting.

The day has come!

“Like all girls dream of the wedding day, I was no different. Already in my most favorite wedding saree, with so much of gold as any South Indian Bride.” After a dozen of formalities, we were married! With so many glitters, relatives, and happy faces all the rituals were done.

Just a few days after the wedding when all my relatives went away, no more shor at home I felt the Silence that I had in my life. Shashank hardly spoke. I thought he was shy/ silent type but it was until then I did know that there was more to that person that I didn’t know.

After so much asking him for the reason he revealed that he was in love with someone else and his parent’s dint agree and made him marry me. I cried to him that he could have told this earlier so that I had given a second thought about this marriage.

Since then, Silence took over their lives. But as they say, time changes everyone and everything. Even Shashank did change and was getting closer to me little by little. Things were again fruitful between them. Love has evolved!

This is a simple fiction story about how small things matters for Mental Health. How giving time to a relationship would come to rescue us from being further drowning into depression.

Silence is equally hurting!

In this series, I would write about more such fiction stories in which small elements would help the character into a better state of mind.

Silence is equally hurting.
Silence is equally hurting.

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  1. That’s a short n Crisp story but yes that’s a fact. A few people r nit able to express themselves. Indeed they end up with a mess..not only their life but ruining other person life too. People should start expressing themselves for the betterment of their mental health.

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