Poems to the rescue.Poems to the rescue.

Poems to the rescue. A story about Vasumathi, a young woman who is in her early 30s, and her fight against depression.

Vasumathi, a very happy-go-lucky girl since childhood. She was loved by all and was very good at her studies. she was the only child to her parents and always a daddy’s little princess (as all-girl children are) Her go-to person was her father.

She was always interested in writing clubs and other cultural events that happened in school and college and was known for her amazing participation in these activities. She particularly loves poetry. As if words come naturally to her and flow musically through her writings.

When Vasumathi was in college she fell in love with a senior of her college. Shiva was a tall dark and handsome man, who was good at studies too. They continued their relationship throughout the college and they were placed into jobs as well.

She was handed the creative and writing works of that company as it was her strength and shiva was the head of the tech department. They decided to tell their parents about each other. And after a few meetings, they were convinced.

Poems to the rescue
Poems to the rescue

But tragedy struck soon….

Vasumathi’s father passed away when she was 25 and so went into depression, was diagnosed with it for nearly 2 years. She tried so much to come out of it but nothing helped her. She went on a holiday, outings with friends, but they all went in vain.

Then she finally decided to start writing. They sometimes say, the best of writings comes out when we are depressed and so did happen with Vasumathi. Writing is her strength and so is poetry. She started slowly with writing poetry.

And gradually she started dumping her feelings with those magical poetry words and turned them into her way to get out of the depression. Feeling very happy and relieved Vasumathi continued to write and pulling her completely out of depression and anxiety forever.

This is a simple fiction story about how small things matters for Mental Health. How little things come to rescue us from being further drowning into depression.

In this series, I would write about more such fiction stories in which small elements would help the character into a better state of mind.     

Poems to the rescue.
Poems to the rescue.

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  1. A very promissing start, writing does liberate – I love revisiting the young me through words on my diaries. Looking ahead to read your upcoming pieces on mental health.

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