At least in the next life!At least in the next life!

They loved each other. They were together for about a decade. For them, it seemed perfect. Not even in their wild dreams they thought they might see such a day. Story of a couple who made it to marriage and not in life. “At least in the next life”

Married while still studying, having responsibilities, and then having kids. Having dealt with many ups and low’s together, a decade happened.

Married for a decade:

“Happy anniversary babe. I love you so much. You are the best thing that happened to me and then followed our children and were and are with me in whatever the situation was. You believed in me.”

“Happy anniversary to you too, love. 10 years for us is an amazing time to know each other completely inside out! And I am sure we have left all insecurities behind and this is purely us for ‘us’. And kids complete me.”

A conversation, about how they felt first:

“I remember the day when I first saw you, our arranged marriage set up! Liked you when I saw your photo that came to me. And said Yes, but was not sure how what would you say. I could see my parents were excited and happy that I said yes. I don’t know how you felt about me.”

“And we got the news that it was a yes from your side, I was happy! My family was waiting for my answer and I casually said let’s see. Because I don’t want to show how happy I am to get you. And if I do, then a lot of teasing is on my way from friends and cousins.”

He continues,

“I wanted to take time to say yes, but it was a yes for me since the time I saw you. And even now, 10 years later I still feel amazing with you every day. You complete me, I look up to you when I am lost. I discuss with you when I feel low. Not one, not two but everything about you, about me, and about us I love it.”

 Hugged cuddles and they made passionate love for their anniversary. Sex was always passionate between then and so did that night. Grateful for life, for my partner, and the children.

— Life is always unpredictable —

At least in the next life!

The next few months were pretty normal, just the usual busy schedule kids going to school, husband to work and her taking up freelance projects.

And just like that, one day she developed pain in her breasts, when consulted with a doctor, it was confirmed that she had breast cancer and was in the advanced stage almost nothing can be done. They were shattered!

They felt it was all like yesterday, they got married, have beautiful children, and had an amazing life. But things came crashing upon them. She was put on medication and chemo, and this made her so weak as hell. Kids were growing up and so they knew what was happening.

“Baby, I guess I won’t make it to life, take me out of the hospital I want to spend the last day with you and the children. I know it is a lot to ask given the circumstances. But I can’t come out of this, instead, I want moments with you all.”

“I will baby, but on one condition, you should be taking your medication and always smiling as this would be your memories for our children throughout their lives. We shall plan up something relaxing and memorable for all of us.”

They went home as if nothing can be done, they were sad and the children were crying silently. They were big enough to know what was going around.

“I will have to make you guys stronger, mom is not liking this, she wants to be with you guys and make the most of her memories. Please try and make this easy for her. I know this is not easy for any of us. But this is what your mom wants.”

Kids eventually change, they smile and be normal in front of and cry at night. 

“Baby, making memories is the best thing you all can give me in my last days. I am smiling more than I normally would. Thank you for everything, I know it’s not easy for us to do this way. But this is how I choose to go.”

And a few months later she had her dinner with her family and slept for the rest of her life……

At least in the next life!

We were devastated! Broken! Sad! But they had beautiful memories made in the last few months.

This is making it a bit easy on the family. A person can never be replaced by memories. But it certainly helps.

“I made memories with my family before I leave them, and was broken inside to know that I won’t be around to look at their achievements in life. I won’t be able to be with my husband forever.

At least in the next life!”

This story is a part of the “Storytellers blog hop” season 3 hosted by  MeenalSonal and Ujjwal Mishra for the topic ‘Shades of Love’.

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25 thoughts on “At least in the next life!”
  1. Hi Sadvika, You have used the theme in such an amazing way that your story is one of my favourite’s of this week.

  2. What a heartbreaking yet beautiful story Sadvika. Off lately, breast cancer has been consuming a lot of young mothers and it is so devastating for the entire family. But through your story, you have manged to bring out how to be positive and live life cherishing all the moments we get with our loved ones.

  3. Loved the theme of your story. Through sickness and in health, the basic premise of love is set up beautifully. I hope u take it positively, but i found the dialogues a little to mechanical. Though they carried the story more emotions could have been weaved. Also the mixing of tenses made it confusing in parts. However the topic and plot development were spot on.

  4. It’s very difficult to find a compatible partner, someone who shares the dream and someone who makes those dreams come alive. Death can be so final and you have brought that out so well. But the heart always finds a way to hold on.

  5. Life is unpredictable and keep throwing many challenges. But one can sail through the toughest situations through unconditional love and support of friends and family. Your story brings out this thought very beautifully.

  6. A beautiful and heartfelt tale that resonated with me on a humane level. With so many people around suffering from Breast Cancer, this tale highlighted every emotion a family goes through and not only the person suffering from it. Truly heartwarming!
    PS: The tenses in the story jumped and the narrative went from active and passive in a few sentences.

  7. Emotional story. I have also decided that if I have to ever experience any type of ‘cancer’, I would want to spend my last days with my loved ones rather than in the hospital taking those horrid chemo treatments.

  8. A heartwarming story of a family. It can be especially hard on children to watch their mother melt away. Your story brings our shades of love and courage, especially from the father who is strong so that the children can be strong for their mother.

  9. Love the premise of the story and I get the message of always focusing on the brighter side of life. The writing could be clearer if edited once or twice. Some tenses are confusing but overall, I love the shade of love that you chose to depict through your story 🙂

  10. The first heart touching moment in this story is when the couple, after a decade of being together, express their love and appreciation for each other on their anniversary. They reminisce about their arranged marriage and how they fell in love over the years. They also express gratitude for their children, who have completed their lives. Their passion and love for each other are evident in their words and actions.

    The second heart touching moment is when the wife is diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and knows she has only a few months to live. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decides to make the most of her time with her family and create beautiful memories. She asks her family to be strong and to make her last days happy and memorable. Her positivity and strength during such a difficult time are admirable, and her love for her family shines through in every word and action. Despite the pain and sadness of losing her, the family is grateful for the beautiful memories they created together in her last days.

  11. It’s a tad unfortunate that we sometimes appreciate the things in life when something serious comes by. I wish we could appreciate without having to go through intense things. Lovely weave!

  12. Evene though nothing similar, the sentiments of your story had me immidiately drawn back to the movie ‘sky is pink’. Beautiful thoughts and conveyance.

  13. “Till death do us apart”. I had heard of it, and felt it today with your story. Auch an emotional read.

  14. Such beautiful yet sad story, couldn’t control tears rolling down after she home for last days. I loved how you have described each and every character here so well and how they are deeply in love with each other even after a decade that in an arrange marriage. I could relate to those initial arrange marriage things described here, quiet similar to my own story. Amazing writeup, loved from bottom of my heart.

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