Survival, now or later.

Survival, now or later.

In a small town, there lived an old and intellectual man, Venkateshwarulu. He is about 80. Almost all from his village come to him for advice. One day, Venkateshwarulu was visited by his brother’s grandson, Vishwa.

This young man, Vishwa was sad and depressed and looked worried about something. When his uncle asked the young man about it, he said he went through a rough time and has a major setback in life. He also said that he doesn’t see any reason to live anymore as he would never be able to achieve his aim and goals.

 Vishwa asked his uncle to give him some advice as to how to get out of this and what to do next. Venkateshwarulu said, I will beta, but before that please take me to the hills. It was a nearby hill and the road was long and difficult. But Vishwa agreed immediately.

Survival, now or later.
Survival, now or later.

As they finally reached the hills, Venkateshwarulu asked him to take him to the top of the hill. Vishwa was surprised but yet did not say anything to his uncle and thought to himself, that the old man has never been to the top of the hill and it is ok to take him.

Climbing to the top of the hill was a difficult task and helping his uncle to climb was a challenge. At some point, he even had to drag his uncle and sometimes carry him on his back. And when finally, when they reached the top of the hill, Vishwa has a sense of achievement and laughed out happily.

The old man, Venkateshwarulu said, Vishwa beta, do you remember that when you were young you sometimes come home crying? You used to say that, all your friends teased you. “Teko Yaad hai kyu?” This made the young man think for some time.

And finally, when he remembered, the old man said, you and other boys of your age used to play together and when they all wanted to climb up to the top of the hill, you were unable to do it. At that age, only a few people made it to the top.

“I felt it was like an Everest” “it seemed impossible for me to get to the top” “The hill seemed to be a distant dream to me.”

The old man, – And see now, you have not only climbed to the top of the hill but also carried me on your back. Venkateshwarulu looked into the young man’s eyes and asked, “How did you do this? Do you have any magic now? Bolo na.

Survival, now or later.
Survival, now or later.

Vishwa – I have grown up now, and I became quite stronger when compared to then.

Venkateshwarulu – And as the time passed by the hill that you thought was like an Everest is now just a hill. You could climb up yourself and also take someone up with you too.

Well beta, I guess you got my advice!!

When life throws challenges at you, accept it! at first, you might think this is unfair and lose hope but eventually, as you fight for it and work towards solving issues achieving your goals, the main problem looks so small!!

Survival, now or later……….

 ‘This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal ( & MeenalSonal (’.

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  1. A simple story with a lesson…well done!

  2. What an insightful story with such a strong and positive message. Much needed.

  3. Indeed an inspiring story. Challenges will always come in life. What might look big now might feel smaller later on.

  4. Life is unpredictable and keeps throwing curveballs at us. Only those who dare to swim manage to reach the shore. An inspiring take.

  5. Such a simple story, and yet, it carries a message of how we should live our lives.

  6. Story with a moral.
    Mountains vs Hills – depends on our perspective & time.
    Vishwa is an empathetic soul who magnamimously carries his old uncle up the hill.
    Nice characters and well-narrated, Sadvika.

  7. Very insightful. Really, you have chosen simple words to deliver such a great and powerful message.

  8. This story has a great message in it. Life can be certainly challenging for sure !

  9. What a thoughtful take on the prompt! Motivation is best when it is told with a story. Very nicely written Sadvika. A beautiful story with a powerful message indeed. Loved reading it.

  10. This is a really nice and simple story with so many things to learn.

  11. Love this simple story that teaches one a lot. We all need inspiration from time to time, and reading this wonderful story was mine. Thank you for this.

  12. beautiful story. Loved the advice and the simple way in which it was explained.

  13. Life lessons are taught best through real examples. What a way to make him chin up for the challenges ahead!

  14. Your story is filled with positivity and that gives us a hope in life too. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves and we need a push by someone to reach the goals.

  15. Survival, now or later… Such an inspiring story. Loved the way you have written.

    1. Beautiful message. It is all about our perspective. Like th hill looked small all your obstacles become attinable

  16. This seems to be a story for all of us
    Great message in the wisest yet simple words.

  17. This is a well narrated truly motivational story. With simple fiction, such a big story of hope and courage is told.

  18. It takes quite a bit of creativity to weave a moral fiction story! Nicely done!

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