She: A Tribute to HerShe: A Tribute to Her

This post comes on Women’s Day. She: A Tribute to Her is an ultimate message of gratitude to all the women in our lives (including me) Yes, I do not want to exclude myself from it.

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She: A tribute to Her: Our first love, Mom

We do not know how many sacrifices she has made in our upbringing. Neither, she told us anything nor we have asked her. Being a very silent, happy soul, cheerful all the time, always wished and prayed what we as kids wanted.

All she wanted/needed was for her family to be happy! Never did we ask what she wants or how she feels. Are there any wishes she wanted it to be fulfilled? Nah! We did not! Well, not at least in the young/teen years.

We always kept our demands in front of her. Thrown tantrums when our wish was not fulfilled. We always made her say yes to whatever we wanted, to wherever we wanted to go, and she was always medium to convince dad about our crazy wishes.

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She: A Tribute to Her: Our first storyteller, Grand Mother

Get a smile if you had your first story session with your grandma. I am sure we all have our shares and memories with the beautiful lady with many amazing stories. We would never be bored and a fact that we all grew up listening to her stories.

How excited we were as kids to spend time with our grandmothers? Holidays would ultimately mean, grandma’s house. And the love she showers on us is bliss. With lots of love comes the food! I have seen a meme lately: before going to grandma’s home, you be slim and fit but while returning you be fat and healthy. Well, that is true!

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She: A Tribute to Her: Our Family Ladies

As we grow old, we realize that the ladies of our family (in-laws) are so important! Having a good rappo and understanding is a blessing. They are with you in your everyday life and help you with your life. There for you when you need them or want someone to talk to. They are our go-to ladies.

She: A Tribute to Her: House help

Now, it wouldn’t be wrong if I say our life is a mess when they don’t turn up. They share a lot with us. Imagining one day without house help freaks me out honestly. Why don’t we take a chance to thank her? Our house looks clean only when she comes, and if she doesn’t come that day, we would have panic attacks. Comment below if it is true!

She: A Tribute to Her

She: A Tribute to Her: Me

Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Wife, Housewife, Mother, Aunt.

This is our circle. I would love to appreciate myself for doing amazing work of keeping the family together. Helping everyone whenever needed. Serving, whenever hungry, Caring when they feel low, listening to them when they talk, talking to them, and life goes on!


She: A Tribute to Her

She: A Tribute to Her: Daughters

Today’s Daughters are tomorrow’s Women! It is our responsibility to shape them up! To nourish them to make them happy girls for tomorrow’s happy women.

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48 thoughts on “She: A Tribute to Her”
  1. O yes, I smiled when I remembered my first storyteller, my grandma. I still remember so many of them and each one of it had a lesson that has grown within me in so many years.

  2. All these resonate with me only except the storytelling session. For me, it was my grandfather who used to tell me stories when I was a child. However, I am very glad that you have chosen the everyday women from our life to give a tribute. Moreover, I am proud of you that you have chosen to give a tribute and thank to your house help too. This is what we need to do always. Thanks for joining us in the blog hop, means a lot. Gratitude ????

  3. Wow that’s a lovely ado to all the women who make everyone’s life complete. There are generations of women we overlook and take for granted. Amazing post.

  4. Totally agree.
    Well expressed about all important women and relations in our life, Sadvika.
    Nice that you have included yourself too.
    Maid is also a part of our life and makes things comfortable for our family.

  5. Thats a vey sweet and relatable post. If we look around, we have so many ladies who are an integral part of our life and who deserves recognition.

      1. Absolutely wonderfully brought out from our mom to our grandmother to our daughters and even our house help, everyone plays such an important role of supporting and cheering.

  6. Women’s day is such a day we all feel proud and this post is literally meaning me feel proud. Women’s representation in all spheres whether it is political or economic or any is very much crucial. And also, I feel this post of yours going to uplift our idea on women day as many if us didn’t have full insights on this topic in a comprehensive way.

  7. My grandfathers died before I was born. My paternal grandmother was obsessed with her daughters kids and maternal grandmother with sons kids. All in all we never got to feel grandparents love. Seeing your post i so wish if I could also have such a childhood. But we made sure to stay with parents so that atleast our kids would be lucky that way .
    Lovely tribute and the tribute to househelp. Only good souls can think this way

  8. Lovely tribute Sadvika… In my case my aunt was the story teller but my granny did have a huge impact on NY formative years. So nice of you to appreviate your househelp. What I missed in your blog was sisters and girl friends. Are u saving them for friendship day or someother day?????

  9. Dedicating a single day for the women in our lives is not enough and so I believe that showing equal respect for every women in our life and especially the ones who contributed some how or the other, all through the year is important. I being the younger of the 2 kids, the elder being my sister I was lucky to have 2 female story tellers in my life. One my beloved mom and second my darling elder sister. I was never dear to my grandmother as I was vocal about the nonsense behavior of her towards my mom.. she was so violent that she cursed my mom that my mom will never have a son and the family expansion with birth of a son will never happen. But still I am thankful to her , as all because of her rude words for mom I ensured I came out more than a son for my parents and I am glad I proved to be the one and so is my sister. Lets praise the women in our lives irrespective of good or bad for the contribution they made to help us become what we are today. I am proud to be a woman playing the role of daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, mother, and wife with honesty and dignity. Happy Women’s Day to all women on earth.

  10. Just loved the way you structured the article . Grandma is a woman with tons of real life stories. Your mention of the house help and the your self appreciation everything about your past is so beautiful.

  11. A beautiful tribute, Sadvika. We are surrounded with amazing women that have shaped us into the women we are in their own unique ways. I have been blessed in that regard too. Loved how you included yourself and the house help as well. Particularly the latter who are least appreciated.

  12. Beautiful tribute and well written. In my case my bua was storyteller. And then my mother ☺ I guess your post miss sisters and female friends, ? They are equally important part of our life. Beautifully written and everyone can relate it.

  13. That’s a beautiful tribute on Women’s Day! I have known about the struggles of my mom. I so salute her for her resilience. Didn’t know about my grandma. Coming to househelp, I have struggled without any the whole 2 years..a household of 6. I am incredibly grateful that I have one now but would say I am not dependent anymore.

  14. It is heartening to see someone acknowledging the contributions of the everyday women in our lives, who often go unnoticed and unappreciated. This post is a great reminder that it’s not just the extraordinary achievements of famous women that we should celebrate, but also the tireless efforts of the women who work tirelessly to make our lives better in countless small ways. By recognizing and thanking our house help, we acknowledge the importance of their work and show that we value and appreciate them as individuals. It’s an excellent way to create a culture of gratitude and respect, which is essential for building a more equitable society.

  15. Lovely post Sadvika and you have included all amazing women from our family and society to appreciate their efforts. I loved that you included yourself too. I also feel that same that we should start to appreciate ourselves too. we women do a lot for our family, so why not being proud of that contribution.

  16. Every day is women’s day as it is for men. I found your blog giving a real tribute to your mom. You are so inspiring. I never had grandparents to be cozy with. And maids I treat like one of us. There are so many roles a woman has to play and always be good at it

  17. Women have so many roles to play and your post is a tribute to each role and women in our lives we don’t thank enough. Our house help, our female friends, family females and the best one our mom. Your post is the absolute thanks and tribute to them all.

  18. So glad that you included yourself in the list of people you are grateful too. Women, more often than not, are silent warriors, taught not to take pride in their wins, but instead to be grateful for the battle. I hope your post inspires women to see their worth.

  19. You made me realize I forgot one very important woman in my tribute-the house help.
    You’re so right in saying we go into panic mode when she doesn’t show up.
    Loved this tribute to all the pillars of womanhood, Sadvika.

  20. Absolutely. Every woman in our life, including us, is special in her own way.
    Mom, daughter, grandmother or a neighbour, she are the biggest support for our family and we must celebrate ourselves for it!

  21. Such a lovely tribute to all the women in our lives. I am so glad you used the house help too. They deserve all the recognition. Sometimes they can teach us about empowerment also.

  22. Very nicely put. I can relate to each one of it. Some of my fondest memories of childhood is storytimes with my paternal grandparents and yummy food and pickles by maternal grandmother whenever I would visit for the summer.

  23. The fact that someone is recognising the contributions made by ordinary women in our lives, who frequently go undetected and unappreciated, is encouraging. This post is an excellent reminder that we should also appreciate the tireless efforts of the women who work tirelessly to improve our lives in numerous small ways, in addition to the remarkable accomplishments of famous women.

  24. Love this post so much! Women power really exists nowadays and no matter how our society changes, living more and more in the cyber world, connecting with other women to proclaim this and shout of to the world how important it is matters!

  25. Your tribute to all the lovely women of our lives is so beautiful. Mom, Grandmother, ladies of our family, sisters, and our daughters make us better every day. And we also play an important role in their lives too. Kudos to every beautiful woman in our lives.

  26. You have listed all the major women figures that make our lives more meaningful. Beautiful tribute, Sadvika. I love that you’ve included yourself too. Cheers to every amazing woman we come across in our lives.

  27. The lady of the house dons many roles, and she is the one who keep inspiring the generations to come with her selfless care and love. Hats off! to all the amazing ladies.

  28. A beautiful tribute to all the different ladies we are associated with, Sadvika and really loved your simple yet endearing tribute. I just fell in love with the way you expressed the tribute to yourself. No one would really think of it, actually, as we tend to take ourselves for granted.

  29. It is great when we remember to honour the women in and around our life. Cheers to the wonderful women power in our life

  30. Sadvika, I loved reading it as it so well resonated with my thoughts. Truly, holidays meant spending time at the grandmother ‘s place and bravo to you when I read the part where you patted your own back ! It is really important to appreciate self .

  31. This is so beautiful. Women in all avatars who make the lives of other women better. Recognising their importance, and once-in-a-while just saying them “Thank you for being there for me” would make a huge difference in our lives, in society in general.

  32. What a wonderful way to tribute all the lovely ladies we grow surrounding with. Be it mom or grandma or mom in law or our domestic help or self one, they all have give a great share of contribution not only in shaping our day and night in fact whole life.

  33. I’ve read so many blogs in this bloghop but you are the first one to dedicate it to yourself, your mother, grandmother and daughters. Hats off to you for being a sheroe for yourself and yes, self care should be done without guilt. We should be happy and proud of who we are as women and the biggest credit for that goes to our mom and grandma! Great post!

  34. What a heart warming blog! Such a great tribute! Loved this blog so much! Will love to read more of your blogs!

  35. Your post resonates with me. Love how you included the women in our lives who influence us. Including yourself. I really really did like the fact that you included househelp. One of most under appreciated women in the world, with barely any rights.

  36. This is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate dedication written to the women of our lives, who have played a very important role in nurturing and nourishing through our life. Our mothers and grandmothers are the first women in our life whom we look upon as inspiration. Right from wearing this bindi in childhood, to the first draping of saree in school to depending on pre/post natal treatments when we deliver, they are always there to guide us, support us and love us. I wish every women gets MIL who is as loving as their own mothers. And maids our greatest support systems, forever grateful to them for their assistance in running our lives smoothly.

  37. Loved this post! So important to thank all the women in our lives, especially our house help and ourselves!

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