It Starts with UsIt Starts with Us

Book name: It Starts with Us

Author: Colleen Hoover

Publications: Simon & Schuster

Rating: 4.5/5

I recently read the sequel to “It Ends with Us” called “It Starts with Us,” written by Collen Hoover. The series has been highly anticipated, and I was excited to get my hands on it. The story follows the lives of Lily, Atlas, and Ryel, and the unexpected twists kept me hooked. I found myself falling in love with one of the characters, but you’ll have to read it to find out who!

In the plot, Lily decides to leave her abusive marriage with Ryle after giving birth to their child, Emmerson. This comes as a shock to Ryle, who believed his occasional outbursts were harmless until the very end. Starts when Ryle reads the letters, she wrote addressing Elle about Atlas in her diary in her teen years.

It starts with us. The present:

Lily is a single mother who manages a flower business. One day, she unexpectedly encounters Atlas, her former teenage love. If you want to learn more about their past relationship, read “It Ends with Us.” This encounter brings up a flood of emotions for Lily.

After the tense morning scenario, she tries to avoid any contact with Atlas. She is aware that Ryle’s misunderstandings and abuse are related to Atlas. Although Lily and Ryle have agreed on co-parenting, she wants Ryle’s approval of anyone she brings around Emmerson.

She finally met Atlas and makes it clear that she wants to take it slow. And hands over one diary which she mentions about them. She was scared of the consequences of dating Atlas and her fears have come true! As time passed by, they were seeing each other.

He guesses it while he was visiting her to get Emmi, who happens to be at her mother’s place. Seeing the wine glasses and her clothes near the couch. Ryle was furious and took it all out on Lily. She tries to deal with the other two outbursts for herself, and after reaching the tip of the iceberg, she finally confronts him.  

It Starts with Us

It Starts with Us: Her support

Lily was lucky enough to have someone who loves her- Atlas and Ryle’s sister and her husband. They seem to be the backbone for Lilly while confronting Ryle. Atlas has his friends and his step-brother to count in.

The character Lilly has fears that are too real for devoiced and co-parenting parents. She made sure that Ryle was ok having Atlas around Emmi. Her fears are real. Her willingness to walk out of the marriage to break the abuse chain was real. A strong independent woman, who wanted her family to be complete.

Ryle was a highly professional doctor who was in love with Lilly. He took absolute care of her until he found out about her teenage love. Despite Lilly saying that was long ago he didn’t bother to talk about it but took his abusive actions for granted

Atlas, who always had the love for Lilly couldn’t let her go after life gives him a second chance over his love. Being true to his love and feeling concerned is what makes his character stand out! My favorite character in this series.

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24 thoughts on “It starts with us. Book review by Sadvika Kylash”
  1. “It Starts with Us” is a powerful reminder that love isn’t always easy, and sometimes we have to make tough choices for our well-being. Colleen Hoover’s storytelling is simply exceptional.

  2. I haven’t completed any book in a while Sadvika… there are 3 heavy read unfinished ones????. Looks like this one’s a light read and something I could read to get a hang n get a sense of achievement of completion. I like Atlas’s character too.

  3. I brought the prequel of this book, long back and it lies unread still. After reading your review of the sequel, I feel it is quite an emotional book and I think I should get back to, “It end with us ” before starting on the sequel “It starts with Us”.

  4. After a decade of not reading, my reading levels have gone back to the old pace. And i like novels with a positive mesaage. This one seems to have a lot of unconditional love, so marking it on my TBR list.

  5. Honestly I witness both the books making news in bookish world and visible on every bookastagammers page with good remarks and ratings… But somehow I never felt the inner urge to pick it up even when many giveaways were offering the same. 1 reason which is I am confident for this book is author. No I dont mean Colleen Hoover is not a good author. I am more inclined to Indian authors and that what actually made me choosy to pick any foreign authors book. By your review gave me some positive vibes as its quite detailed one. So I believe I am ready to pick this book up now. Thanks dear for the review

  6. Somehow I haven’t come across both these. Will look them up. Why is the rating 4.5? What do you think could be better for the perfect 5? Just curious!

  7. I read It starts and Ends both together I had my own thoughts on it, and I remember how engrossed I was in it. Your review was really good and it was in a different light for me.

  8. Your review is really interesting and shows you’ve connected with the story. The relationships between the characters and the surprising turns in the plot got your attention. It’s clear that you feel for the characters’ challenges and their experiences. Even though I haven’t finished reading books yet, I’m looking forward to reading this one next for sure!

  9. This plot is interesting but I guess I would start with It ends with us and then will read this sequel part. The way Lily’s charecter developed is remarkable. Thanks for the great review. Can’t wait to start it.

  10. After reading so many mixed reviews about this book series I never felt drawn to Collen Hoover’s books. I guess too much of overexposure sometimes dampens the excitement to read.

  11. The title is undeniably intriguing – “It Starts with Us.” Your review has piqued my curiosity, compelling me to delve deeper into “It Ends with Us.” Thank you for your enlightening review.

  12. Now this book had captured me in the first few sentences of your review. Such a great storyline for an easy read you just want to do to pass time and give yourself some butterflies in the stomach.haha

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