Online classes. A tribute to teachersOnline classes. A tribute to teachers

Hey guys, welcome back to momlifeandlifestyle. As we all know the schools are about to start and this year too it is the online studies. Well, never expected that kids would learn online for a whole year! And look, another academic year has come, already.

Online classes for preschoolers:

Preschool is all about having that hand on experience of The School, Friends, change in the Environment, and Learning. Not just me, but most of the preschool parents feel the same way. Somehow, this situation has stopped kids from having real-time learning.

Online Classes
Online Classes

Teachers and Students- Online classes:

I must admit, teachers and the school administration are doing a fabulous job but conduction the classes, especially for kindergarten and preschool students. I have two girls, the elder is in Grade 1 and the younger is in Nursery. And teachers would have a hard time making the Nursery kids seated in the class.

Even for Grade 1 and up, they would have a hike in the syllabus and I could see teachers are having such a hard time preparing ppts and easily understandable notes for kids.

Attending classes with kids:

While it has become online, which makes easy access to all the parents of what is going on in the class and teachers are at a constant lookout from parents. This would make them no less confident of what they are doing.
Yes, I do sit with my kids during class hours. But I don’t feel the need to explain or repeat the same as what the teacher is already saying. Thanks to the online classes and clear instructions from the teachers, kids can access technology on their own.

Online Classes
Online classes

Heroes at the moment:

Without any doubt, we all would salute all the front-line workers, sanitation, daily wage, and the health care workers we must also have the same respect for all the teachers, academic people, and everyone who are involved right round to make it an easy way out for kids and students.

Not just the teaching hour, a personal message at non-school hours, we would have help and get our issue sorted.
My little one gets super excited to attend classes and see her teacher. While acknowledging she is the Nursery kid and the less concentration span to sit for all the classes. Yet does shows interest if I say ‘You have Homework’ – comes running! This shows! This speaks!

My elder one, more confident to attend classes herself. Alert while the class is about to begin. Answer while the teacher asks. Sure thing, she loves her school time!

Despite all these amazing things between teacher and student, hand on experience is still missing. Hope things get better and we all would be back to our old normal. So those kids could have their childhood back.

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

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43 thoughts on “Online classes. A tribute to teachers”
  1. Congratulations on your 1st ebook, Sadvika! Way to go, and wishing you many more! This post is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to teachers and i am sure you speak for a lot of Moms.

  2. Teachers have done a comendable job in this academic year. It wasnt easy to develop a robust online system but they. made all efforts to save studies from getting affected due to pandemic

  3. A big thank you to all the teachers who are taking extra effort to making these class not just interactive but interesting too. They need to be appreciated as this is not easy.

  4. Yes agree teachers are doing great job and helping kiddos in learning during this hard days of pandemic. online learning is tiring but their support has made it easy. they deserve a big around of applause for their support.

    1. Such a beautiful appreciation post for teachers. I am a teacher myself and I can truly say we are trying our best to give to deliver maximum in 40 mins..I am really touched that at the way you have appreciated the teachers efforts

    2. Online classes are hard. But the teachers really have done a great job. They have put a lot of effort towards the students because online isn’t easy.

  5. I’m also a teacher by profession and also a student…. I can feel this post….A big thank you to all the teachers who are taking extra effort to making these class not just interactive but interesting too……

    1. Hey, i too have one child in and one in grade1…its been a tough year as my younger one has never even seen his school…hope it all goes back to normal soon ?

  6. I can understand how difficult it for teachers who are giving online classes especially to the kiddos. As online learning is really difficult but their continuous support is really amazing. great post and kudos to the teachers.

  7. That’s true that teachers are doing a commendable job despite of all the odds. Hats off to all the teachers out there! And yes I believe, not only students but teachers are also missing their classroom experience, my daughter misses her classroom, teachers, school and all the fun she was having with friends.

  8. A wonderful way to tribute to the teachers; this is the first time I am reading any post tributing to teachers appreciate your efforts, Sadvika. Teachers have truly stretched their limits to keep updating their students with the curriculum and their parents’ performance. Loves the images of your cutie.

  9. Hey Sadvika! I so love to see your cuties. Online classes are nowadays becoming more used to and a part of daily life of students. It’s nice to see kids are learning from home and doing interesting activities. Lovely post dear. Lots of love to Sanvi and Avantika.

  10. Well Said Sadvika. Teachers are doing really a commendable job during these online classes. Its a nice way to offer our heartfelt gratitude and tribute to these teachers. I wilsh all the teachers get to read this blog post.

    1. Like us, online school and teaching kids through zoom was a new experience for teachers aswell as they had the biggest challenge of not being in front of kids to make sure they understood what’s being taught and the ever faltering internet connecting and commotion of kids online… but yes teachers have done a very good job to manage the new form of studies.

    2. This year online classes have tested teacher too . They also faced challenges . Its a nice way to offer our heartfelt gratitude and tribute to these teachers. I wilsh all the teachers get to read this blog post.

  11. We should salute our unsung heroes. Teachers are not getting due recognition. Most of them are new to technology and have learnt how to take online classes. They are doing such a commendable job. Your daughters are a treat for the eyes. God bless them.

  12. SO true Sadvika… an educator who is on a self-imposed break and then the pandemic struck us by surprise….Salut to the online teaching stakeholders – both studenst and teachers and their parents on the side….a difficult time for all but managed garccefully by all…..Kudos!

  13. I have heard this from many parents of small kids. Poor things are getting used to a new way of schooling…..for those who have started only with online classes, they will wonder where they are going when physical schooling comes back.
    As a teacher, I can confirm that the struggle to keep the class focussed and engaged is real. Though I teach college kids, my classes are for 2 hours at a stretch. Even with a 5-10 min break, it is difficult to get responses especially when video is also not possible due to bandwidth issues in remote areas where some students stay.

  14. Being a teacher I can understand how difficult the task is to keep those little ones sit and concentrate on their study. Hats off to all the teachers who really trying to give their best to make their students learn. Thanks for such a lovely post dear.

  15. This is so true, teachers indeed need our respect with the kind of passion and love they have for our kids. During these difficult times, online classes have been our saviour. Absolutely, loved reading this.

  16. So very true! Alongwith the frontline workers the teachers today are doing a fabulous job if online classes. It is extremely difficult for them and yet they manage it so well. We should respect and salute them for their relentless efforts in imparting education even in these thought situations.

  17. Since i am only just starting with playschool, I can see the amount of effort being put in to convince parents of the quality of education being provided. it’s true there is a lack of personal interaction but hopefully, in time regular school should resume but this generation is going to be very tech inclined indeed as you mentioned with your kids

  18. Keeping the kids connected even though online had not been easy on the teachers. They have done it so the past year and are still continuing to do so… They definitely deserve a big round of applause.

  19. I am glad you chose to write about this, teachers are doing a great job. Online classes are tough and yet they have managed to keep things going.
    Your daughters are so cute 🙂

  20. No wonder, teachers are putting up so much effort in shaping our kid’s future during this pandemic. They are actual heroes who never complain.

  21. It is good that your daughter is attentive in the online class because of her teacher. We as parents can’t give them the wholesome experience of a school. Teachers are real-life heroes and their importance has increased during the pandemic.

  22. Your daughters are adorable. God bless them. And many congratulations on your book. The online classes have been difficult for students, but also equally difficult for teachers. They deserve a lot more respect.

  23. Circumstances have engineered a paradigm shift in education.Online classes are a challenge to both teachers and students and they need to adapt. Of course though this is a welcome step, it cannot replace the real classroom atmosphere.

  24. I feel the same gratitude for the teachers buddy, they undoubtedly have been our ultimate saviours in these lockdown years

  25. Your girls are such cuties. God bless. I am so glad to see your post. Very few people appreciate the teachers when it comes to online classes. It is difficult to retain the attention of smaller kids online, not to mention teaching in batches and the increased workload that comes with it.

  26. The way teachers have adjusted to the new normal, and embarked the journey of online teaching it is commendable. We parents had many apprehensions when this began, but seeing things now I know this generation is in good hands.

  27. Saadvika, firstly a big congratulations for publishing an ebook, this adds another feather in your cap. And yes we need to saltue to the taechers who are going an extra mile to make kids understand all the concepts and overcoming any technical hurdles too. This post shall be appreciated by all the teachers.

  28. Indeed this is one sector that needs our utmost appreciation & gratitude too. Teachers are the rays if sunshine in the boring locked down childhood in the pandemic times.
    And what a daunting task it is to suddenly go from blackboards & classes to the virtual World . But without any qualms they have been persistent in their jobs. Thank you for the post.

  29. Well said Sadvika. Teachers are doing great job we should appreciate their hardwork. I will checkout your e book soon. I will also share my feedback with you.

  30. I so have to agree with you online classes have been blessings for all parents and students alike. And we need to pay our respect to the teachers who are taking efforts during their work hours and beyond that to help adjust to this new normal.

  31. Teachers have been indeed the unsung heroes in the last year. They’ve learnt and taught online, although its a platform that was new for them.

  32. The COVID situation has added online classes as an essential part of lives. Teachers have done a fab job in upgrading themselves for the same and a tribute for the same by kids will be perfect.

  33. Online classes are playing an imp role in today’s times. Kids always learn a lot when they r with their teachers. They maintain a disciplined and learning environment which we parents are not able to manage at home.

  34. At first of all , i wasnt much appreciative of the online classes but as it became a routine , i became used to this eventually and kind of loving it too. but seriously hats off to the teachers for coping up and keep super kind to kids while one can get super irritated in the first place.

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