Tips that would make kids learnt to share.”Tips that would make kids learnt to share.”

“That is mine!” “I don’t want to share” “I will not give you.” Sounds similar?! I say these phrases are common to hear from a toddler. Children are usually so possessive about their toys and don’t know how to share and sometimes don’t want to share. While they learn about it, they need our support and guidance in a fun way that they could enjoy this process. Read below on “Tips that would make kids learnt to share.”

Tips that would make kids learnt to share.

I have listed out a few points that would make children understand and help them share with other kids.

Tips that would make kids learnt to share.

Share with Siblings:

Well, teaching and sharing start at home. As they have siblings, sharing will come to them naturally. And how we talk about the sharing benefits, positive sharing will get infused in their young minds.

Play area sharing:

Take few toys, and go to a play area. Seeing other kids playing your kids might also want to join them and so the sharing of toys happens. It is always advisable for an adult to have an eye on them. They are kids, they fight too.

You share and show:

if it’s a single child, exposure to sharing is limited. You are the role model by sharing a snack, or something you got home from work or might be as simple as sharing your seat with them. While saying, “I am sharing it with you.”

One time you-One time me:

This happens to work so well with my kids. As we start telling them this phase since the start, they get used to it. And would happily share with the other kids. We play the 10 minutes rule. After every 10 minutes, a toy has to be exchanged.

Read along:

As toddlers reach 5-6 years. They can start sharing books and after finishing one they could discuss what they like. This can be done by sharing books.

Food sharing:

Well, it’s regular food they would be ready to share all of it. But, if it is something special that they love, sharing can be done if we say.

Legos together:

Kid’s favorite activity is building blocks with Legos. I always divide a few for each kid and if they want another brick they need to ask from the other and take it. This would include a mandatory line of saying “thank you.”

Clean up time:

Give kids the task of picking up few toys of what they played with. Say, these few you pick up and the other few your sibling would do. With both the kids do it together, the first thing they do and do it faster a completion type.

Favorite toy:

Well, how much ever we say, they remain toddlers! They don’t want to share their favorite toy with other kids and that’s fine! Sort out a little earlier before other kids come. So that it would be easy on them too with no hard feeling and crying.

Positives of sharing:

Let them know the positives of sharing. Like how much time you get to play if you share with no crying.

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21 thoughts on “Tips that would make kids learnt to share.”
  1. Nice post, after sharing the ways to teach in yesterday’s post, you now shared points/ tips on how they can learn to share.
    Teaching sharing to kids is very important, and it helps if they learn at an early age.

  2. Sharing is something kids need to understand and learn, being parents it’s our responsibility to guide them. I loved the tips you have shared.

  3. “One-time you one time me”, a fun idea to incorporate the habit of sharing in young kids. Making sharing a priority during various activities helps a lot indeed. Great tips.

  4. Absolutely agree with all the pointers. Sharing is something that is extremely important to learn , it helps a lot in developing the empathy in kids. At the same time it gives kids an opportunity to settle down in every environment.

  5. These are very useful tips that help teach children the valuable trait of sharing. In nuclear families, the art of sharing is not learnt easily. Parents need to do some extra effort.

  6. Having siblings makes kids learn sharing faster. My kids fight a lot but we have set rules over stuff they’ll use and so together. It helps.

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