Achieving Meaningful Success. Book review by Sadvika KylashAchieving Meaningful Success. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

Achieving Meaningful Success (Unleash the power of Me!) by Dr. Vivek Mansingh is one such book that hits you hard with reality. One word to this book is “Implement what you have read” and you shall see Meaningful success.

Author: Dr. Vivek Mansingh

Publisher: Penguin India

You can buy from Here

What to expect from Achieving Meaningful Success?

  • Have a vision
  • Have a passion
  • Create goals (long term, short term)
  • How can you make it work?
  • Re-define who you are as a person.
  • How to get obsessed with the goals you have set
  • Re-shape your goals as you grow in life
  • How to analyze your goals and results.

My favorite takeaways from Achieving Meaningful Success 

  • Meaningful success is all about achieving what is meaningful to you.
  • Define who you aspire to be, then become that person.
  • WRITE IT DOWN! Your goals, your strategy, your plans.
  • Having Multidimensional goals would help in keeping up with life balance.
  • How to get motivated to learn new skills that would help you achieve your goals.
  • How to know what your true passion is.
Achieving Meaningful Success. Book review by Sadvika Kylash
Achieving Meaningful Success. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

I so love the Seven Steps to Excellence

  1. Be hungry to know WHY
  2. Be passionate to know about it
  3. Willing to learn more of needed
  4. Be committed and be consistent
  5. Beat the best and benchmark it
  6. Create a good strategy plan
  7. Be ready for self-correction and improvement.
Achieving Meaningful Success. Book review by Sadvika Kylash

In chapter 7, Entrepreneurship: Changing the world the author pointed out 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs.

Commandment 1: Thou shalt have passion

Commandment 2: Thou shalt know thy space in and out

Commandment 3: Thou shalt hunger for market feedback

Commandment 4: Thou shalt be an engaging storyteller

Commandment 5: Thou shalt get some good mentors

Commandment 6: Thou shalt build a strong organization

Commandment 7: Thou shalt create a winning culture

Commandment 8: Thou shalt keep the creativity and innovations

Commandment 9: Thou shalt be an effective manager

Commandment 10: Thou shalt preserve

The same goes with “Building your start-up in seven steps” and “Scale your business”

Lastly, I would love to end the review on A Must Buy. If you are looking for a passion re-discover.

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