What’s in store, we will know as we travel.What’s in store, we will know as we travel.

Hey guys, welcome back, and have a very happy new year! This post comes 10 days after we enter the new year. Was quite unsure of how I put on my thoughts for this post. So, here it is! What’s in store, we will know as we travel.

What’s in store:

A short review of last year.

The first half was just kick ass! Man, I was at the top of my game. Be it writing, be it participating in various blogging challenges. Having earned many rewards and recognition. All this was fun and same time kicking in my passion for writing.

The same was with reading, there was a time, I was able to complete a book in a day or two. One of the qualities of a bookworm or a book blogger is that we tend to involve a lot in the characters written. And yes, I was and still proudly that one.

Having set up my website 2 years back, It was a long and good journey so far. Did receive a good number of views for my writing. Momlifeandlifestyle was a dream come true for me. And working on it for the first half year was fun.

The second half:

Well, I did become the best version of the Lazy Me! hmm yes! I was lazy as hell. To be honest I was blank as to what do I write. There is a term for this, Writers Block! Yes, I had it, and it was eating me up for the rest of the year. I couldn’t get a proper sentence together. And for a writer, this is like a nightmare!

What is in store?

I can’t go back and change the second half of my year but would love to make this year happen!

As every writer says,

To be more consistent with writing. Make a good number of views on the website. Already practicing Mandala art, I wish to learn and draw more, try different methods, and bring life to my art. The next is Yoga, I have been into it lately.

Learning to be calmer this year! And seeking Yoga’s help. It is a good experience so far. These few days into the new year as this post comes late.

This blog post is part of the Let’s Say Hello 2023 Blogging Activity hosted by Swarnali Nath.

By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

21 thoughts on “What’s in store, we will know as we travel.”
    1. Glad to know that you were not in shape only for 6months for writing. But for me last year just went on procrastinating on everything I could imagine. Hope this year you maintain the right balance.

      Wishing you a very Happy, healthy and prosperous 2023 !!

  1. Hi Sadvika. I hope you have a rocking 2023 like the first half of your previous year. I think it’s also okay to relax after all the hard work. I think you did well.

  2. You have the realization of what you could have done. And you have a plan in place. To me, that is a good start. Your 2023 will be special and fulfilling. Good Luck!!

  3. Sadvika, it’s okay to take rest not indulge in multitasking or being productive at all. Because sometimes you need rest to restore your energy. Think about the good time you spent with your family and be happy with this. I wish you more and more writing endeavors in 2023. Happy new year ?.

  4. You are a go-getter, Sadvika. Wishing you a prolific year of writing in 2023. May all your goals come true. We are too harsh on ourselves. It is okay to relax and let go sometimes. Yes, Yoga helps a lot.

  5. I think we need to be kind to ourselves no? Writer’s Block is something that we all unfortunately have to face. Best is to go with the flow, take rest, and recharge without any guilt.

  6. This one hit home. I am one of those who wants to do a lot trapped in the body of one who doesn’t ? so the varying graph was so relatable. Thanks for the post

  7. I understand your feelings related to writing and doing one thing at a time. Sometimes I face writer’s block and push myself to work on it. I have also started yoga, which is helping me to stay calm physically and mentally. Such a lovely post. All the best.

  8. That’s the normal life of a writer/blogger/author. Verbose few days and blank on others, and it’s ok. It does pass and that’s the best part about it. Yoga surely is a good way to stay calm.

  9. I could totally relate to your post as I am more or less in your shoes similarly especially on the blogging front. All the best for this year

  10. Hey Sadvika, I feel my whole year 2022 was a lazy one. It started on a high note and then gradually, I felt lazy to read, write and do anything. Well hoping for the best this year.

  11. I think this is quite relatable to us writers. But no matter how long the hiatus, we can always get back to it. Here’s wishing you a fulfilling new year!

  12. Hi Sadvika,
    Firstly wish you a very happy new year!
    This is such a short, sweet and positivity-filled post and I loved reading it. I believe that sometimes we need to take a step back to leap ahead. So I am sure your 2023 will be full of leaps and bounds for you. Also, wish you all the best in learning new forms of art and master yoga. I shall look forward to your post on art.

  13. Thanks for sharing your year – I guess your year can be split into two – work hard and party hard! both are equally important. I hope the ‘laziness’ and your other passions have stoked the creator and you and you are ready to go full blast this year too.

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