10 Parenting Hacks for New Moms
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10 Parenting Hacks for a new mom!

Being a new mom is overwhelming and sometimes that feeling is filled with anxiety. As a first-time mom, you would always think is this the way I was supposed to do?! Because we have ‘moms’ that keep on telling us what to do and what not. Starting from how to change diapers to how to hold. In this blog post, I stored out 10 Parenting Hacks for a New Mom. Read on to know more!

And at some point we might feel, this is my kid and I will raise them. Dint you feel this? Well mom, chill! Stop and take a breath. This ‘moms know it all’ is common and you would get it when your kids have their own, and you would be guiding them. 

Everyone says, ‘Motherhood completes a women’ well it surely does. But we should also acknowledge the fact that not every woman wants to be a mother. And this should be normalized in society. It’s a personal choice, after all. Imagine, you are the only one in your friends’ group with no children, yet you be the fun aunt that those kids could have.

Parenting is always a learning journey. We have something new in store for us from kids. Well, not just new moms, even my mom says the same for me! I was a mom at 24, and that moment when I held my firstborn into my arms, was world-changing!

Read below to know my 10 Parenting Hacks for New Moms.

Here is the list of 10 parenting hacks for new moms:

  • Baby bath: 

Either Normal or Cererian, you would take a little time to recover and the first thing you want to do is hold your baby and give him a warm bath. Try doing this with a bathtub and you could sit on a stool so as not to strain yourself.

  • Umbilical cord and diaper: 

While changing babies’ diapers try to fold the front half of the diaper below the belly button, as doing do it doesn’t stick to the cord.

  • Feeding baby every 2 hours:

Is the phrase not something that we heard more often?! Well, yes! As everyone around you tells that you should feed your baby every two hours. If the baby doesn’t wake up by himself wake him up and feed. I personally dint have to wake the baby up. As my daughter was hungry every 2 or more hours.

  • Packing the diaper bag: 

It is a fact that we all over pack our babies’ diaper bag. Be it a simple supermarket visit we tend to overpack it. Of course, we never know what we would need. But having the main items in your bag would make it easier, going out. You don’t want to carry the extra weight of the bag.

  • Avoid the oh no moment:

Before changing the baby’s diaper, have him on the changing mat/sheet and place a cloth on it. It will save the bed from the oh no moment.

  • Gas issues: 

Gas issues are common with babies. This one trick suggested by doctors and by my mom is to place your baby on the back and rotate the legs in the cycle motion. This would help the baby.

  • Babies and medicines:

I don’t have to mention how difficult it is to make kids take the medicine and it is so for the babies. I, take the medicine with the dropper that comes with the bottle and while giving it to the baby I give it little by little.

  • Let your partner take over:

As a new mom, you are all exhausted. You need some rest too! I know, we all want to that super mom of our imaginations. But even to be one, you need to rest and get up strong. Yes, as new moms we always have the stuff to do, home is a mess, laundry to fold, dishes pilled up. but that’s fine! Let your partner take charge of it sometimes. Let your partner handle the baby duties or the house works. You need rest!

  • My baby should never cry:

Well, this is something that we all did! I did too! I was alert at the slightest sound that kid made and when on to pick her up. This would make them more fusser! Let the baby cry and fuss for some time as to let the baby falls back to sleep. If not then you would naturally pick him up. well, while I did so, I didn’t realize how it would affect me. (Guilty)

  • Noiseless sleeping:

I did this too! (Guilty again). Sometimes we learn when we experience the side effect of it and this is one among them for me! For my elder one, I was so obsessed with having no noise while she sleeps. This made me stop all works or even open cupboards in the room. Initially, it was all ok but later on, it was becoming hard. Then I was doing my chores slowly while she sleeps. This made it much easier later on. And for my younger one, I was all noisy while I make her sleep.  

Above are 10 Parenting Hacks for New Mom’s that I could list out. I am sure there are many to add to this list. As we learn and experience new things everyday with kids. Parenting is full of surprises some are joyful and while some are not!

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