Egg Broccoli saladEasy to make, Egg Broccoli salad

Egg Broccoli salad. To those lazy days where any quick dinner would have been nice. This is one such recipe. This is one of the easy, and fast meal ideas.

Here is a video of the Egg Broccoli salad that just took me 15 minutes to prepare.

Easy Egg Broccoli salad

The best Egg Broccoli salad for those lazy dinners. Boil Broccoli Capsicum, Baby Corn, Mushroom and sweet corn. ( As per availability) Kept it a side!

Now take Olive Oil in a pan, beat 3 to 4 eggs, allow it to cook and add salt, pepper/chill powder.

Mix and then add those boiled veggies. Mix well Add Oregano and Chili flakes. Add salt if needed. Serve hot!

Egg Broccoli salad

Perfect for busy bee’s like us. Who want an easy dinner recipe after a day long work. This is your go-to recipe. Easy to prepare, and dose not take much of your time.

This salad took me literally 15 minutes including the cleaning. So I am sure you would have more time to sit back and enjoy this amazing and easy salad recipe.

Comment and let me know, how you liked it. And share if you have any other recipe’s. Like, comment and share. Looking forward to check out more salad recipe’s

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23 thoughts on “Egg Broccoli salad”
  1. I am not a great fan of Broccoli but have just recently started having it. This is a great idea for a salad. I am going to make this soon. I love eggs and an egg salad would make a great dinner for me.

  2. I do make Broccoli salads for my husband but never thought they could be cooked with egg also, it seems an exciting way to cook. though I don’t eat Broccoli taste and always look for some good recipes for my taste bud; I can try with egg this time; I hope to start loving it.

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