Honest Motherhood TalksHonest Motherhood Talks

Honest Motherhood Talks – come let us discuss a few that we have been through, honestly.

Motherhood is often showcased as a journey filled with love, joy, and fun. We agree that these things are for sure included in the journey but you know it is not all colors every time! It’s way more complex, apart from having immense happiness about Motherhood which also involves a pyramid of emotions running high, challenges, and all the pieces of advice that we get, but don’t know what to follow.

Let me start with the point where we all agree and just nod while you read this. One amazing aspect of this journey is the love a mother feels for her child – beyond all boundaries, absolutely unconditional and unmatched by that of any other person.

But, parallel to this love comes the doubt! The doubt of doing things correct or wrong. Anxiety is the most common thing that a mother would face. No doubt, that Motherhood requires more selflessness and sacrifices. And we would also feel overwhelmed by all the things happening around us. Not to forget, our responsibilities!

Now, don’t get me started on the sleepless nights!

Many-many sleepless nights, diaper changings are endless, and the newborn’s constant care. Major challenges occur when we have to balance family, work, and self-goals, and to top all these off let us welcome – The Mom Guilt! – Ta-Da..!

We as mothers would feel happiness, joy, exhaustion, frustration, and tears – Comment below if you felt/feel the same way.

The added pressure: – Judgments!

We cannot avoid them ya! No matter what!

It is an added pressure from society or family, we are bound to be judged for the things that we do and for the things that we don’t do. Whether you breastfeed your child or formula feed, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, whether you prioritize motherhood or pursue your career. We mothers are often in the middle of other people’s opinions.

Motherhood – A journey of growth!

Despite facing many high and low moments, the Motherhood Journey is also our growth and transformation journey. A journey of learning, empathy, and patience. Which would bring us immense joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

A journey that, for sure challenges us to set our priorities, and know our strengths that we didn’t know we had. And a journey to make the amazing bong with the tiny human that you have created.

Keep swimming my super mother – you shall reach your bliss

Honest Motherhood Talks
Honest Motherhood Talks

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

24 thoughts on “Honest Motherhood Talks”
  1. The bad thing about being a parent is that you are always questioning yourself and there is always scope for improvement, you are constantly comparing yourself with successful parents or parents whose kids are successful. Yes, I agree parenting is great especially when you see them bloom but it has its big share of negatives too.

    1. Sigh sigh sigh Sadvika… Being a mother isn’t easy at all esp. if you have no help. We’ve all been through those phases of sleepless nights, of multitasking, not knowing day from night and the passing of days.
      For me, hands down, motherhood is one of the most difficult things.

  2. As you continue on this beautiful journey of motherhood, may you always find strength in the love that surrounds you. You are appreciated, cherished, and loved more than words can express.

    1. Being a mother is no easy feat. I have seen my sister’s going through the same, its overwhelming at times but I’m proud of the woman they transformed into.

  3. Sadvika I find every line so relatable and I can’t agree more, what you said is so much right in my case. I forgot who I am and my mind, my body, my energy, my thoughts and every pieces of me is asking where you lost Samata. I am always scared, if my son is fine or not, why is he not eating, why he is crying, why screaming and in the odd hours of the night I am sitting sleepless with baby on my lap to make him stop. My role as a mother is questioned by both side parents and every day I am getting lectures what they did when they were mothers and why can’t I do, how irresponsible I am… Blah Blah Blah. Sadvika there are tears in my eyes even now when I am writing this comment…. I am questioning myself what’s wrong in me as a mother. My husband ,my maid , and my neighbours understand what I am going through and making supports in their ways they can…. but those who should understand are not understanding and that what’s bleeds me from within. I’m trying my best as my baby is my life but my career is also equally important for me not just for earning but also to give a better future to my child along with my husband. We both are giving our best as partners and we shall overcome this time and life will smile at us for sure.

  4. Yes Sadvika you are right. Motherhood is filled with love, happiness and joy but with so many sacrifices, sleep, rest, job, insecurity and bring judged by everyone. It is really tough when there is no help. We all are going through this. Ending job .

  5. Mom guilt and judgement, these words are like demons which I dread seeing or hearing. Even sipping a cup of tea in leisure was frowned upon if my toddler was playing near me by herself. The constant need to prove that I’m such a good mother, drained me of simpler pleasures in life. As I’m growing older, Ive learned not to give a damn to anyone and do as I please to maintain the happiness and sanity of everyone including me.

  6. haha…yes to every point. We all mothers, unknowingly are in the same boat and yet some among us continue to judge others. If only hat could stop, the boat ride would be so awesome!

  7. What an honest and heartfelt piece about motherhood and the different emotions and experiences it entails. I’m not a parent but I found myself developing a newfound respect for all mothers, especially my own.

  8. I think the best thing that I have learned from being a mother is that I started valuing my mother more. It’s a beautiful yet challenging journey that we should embrace with pride.

  9. Oh, where do I even begin? Motherhood, oh, it’s a rollercoaster ride, isn’t it? The love we feel for our little ones, oh, it’s like nothing else in this world. It’s this beautiful, overwhelming, unconditional love that fills our hearts to the brim.

    But let’s not pretend it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Oh no, alongside that immense love comes doubt, anxiety, and a whole load of challenges. I mean, who knew that sleep could become such a luxury, right?

  10. I was nodding all through your post. It made me feel understood and validated as a mother even though I’ve been a mother for 8 years now but I still feel overwhelmed some days. Motherhood is a journey filled with challenges, but also immense growth and fulfillment. Thank you for sharing these honest insights!

  11. Motherhood isn’t a bed of roses. The sooner we realise this the better. Although, I wish that moms wouldn’t let self-doubt or guilt overshadow the beautiful journey. God knows people are enough to do that!

  12. Being a mom is tough, no matter how old your kids are. Lately, I’ve been feeling super stressed out because my older child has board exams, and my younger one has yearly tests. I’ve got to make sure they eat right and handle whatever they need, all while dealing with my own job stuff. People see me and wonder why I’m not stressed, but trust me, keeping all these plates spinning isn’t easy.

  13. Mothers are not superhuman. We should remember that and most important, people around us should remember that. I could completely relate to your post. Even though my son is 51 years old, I can never stop being a mother.

  14. Like how you celebrate motherhood. We all become mothers but strangely every individual journey is very different.Moms have to ride the highs and lows and come out smiling.

  15. We’ve all been there which is why the post resonates to most people. Though people mostly talk about the highs the other struggles that happen are most often pushed under the carpet.

  16. Motherhood is a blissful and at the same time challenging role. I am a mom of three and want to pull out my hair some days and other days my entire being seems full of love!

  17. I often see my sister, who is managing her office, baby, and home, still being criticized by society. One of the challenges of parenthood is perpetual self-evaluation and the continuous pursuit of improvement. Comparisons to successful parents or those with accomplished children can be relentless. While the joys of witnessing your children thrive are undeniable, parenthood also comes with significant drawbacks and uncertainties.

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