Health and wellness for parents. How to prioritize self-careHealth and wellness for parents. How to prioritize self-care

I am an active blogger about mental health and so comes the basic need for prioritize self-care to make my everyday life going. There is a saying, “Health is wealth” This proverb we as kids used to write on our school blackboard, and now suddenly when I am in my 30’s this hits hard.

Don’t you all agree, we want to get fit to get rid of some extra kilos and take care of a few things to stay well, now this is an infinity loop that would never come to an end. As parents we are too busy dealing with our everyday needs and honestly, we let go of our health and our emotional state of mind, keeping ourselves in “just going on” mode trying to make it a day.

As a mother, blogger, and author, it is sometimes a lot to process for me but writing is something that I would not wish to stop. Writing is something where I could let go of things for a while and immerse myself and speak my heart out and it helps me feel lighter too.

Well, that was about me and how I prioritize my mental destress but indulge in writing. And in this blog post, I would share some ways that might help you when you start to prioritize self-care and yes, of course, leave the guilt behind.

Health and wellness for parents. How to prioritize self-care

5 simple Ways to prioritize self-care

Seek help:

I know, as parents, you hardly get time for yourself away from kids. Seek help, reach out to people who are close to you and who can be trusted with your kids. Ask them if they could watch kids for a day, if not just a couple of hours. Even just 2 or 3 hours for yourself sometimes does the magic.

Learn to say no:

Smile, if you dint want to do something but out of respect you say a ‘yes’? Well, learn to say no, if it is not a priority, as parents your priority changes. Being straight and honest is the best way to make your life easy, sort things and at the same time not hurt the other when you say ‘no’.


I know, this is something that almost everyone says but do they practice? Or is it really helpful? I must say, even I had those doubts when I wanted to do it. but I swear the impact is huge. As a parent, I often lose my cool and find it hard to be calm. Practice mindfulness is the key.

Include children:

Giving them small tasks while you are doing your house chores makes a lot of difference. In the beginning, they might make a mess instead of the actual help. But trust me on this, they would learn eventually and the together time would be more fun than expected.

Make a simple to-do list:

I used to overload my day with so much of tasks thinking I can manage to do it all. But I failed many times and thus by the experiences of many failed attempts, I tried to make it as simple as I can. Plan which saves a lot of time and last-minute hurdles.

As I end this post,

I would like to add, this is not the first time talking about me-time and I have said earlier too, whenever a parent/mother especially talks about self-care it is not being selfish or ignoring kids, but just a way to make your everyday life amazing and happy, emotionally, physically which will benefit you and your children.

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  1. Learn to say No was on my new year resolution for 2023 and I have actually achieved it. Cheers to Motherhood without guilt. Thank you for the post.

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