All in One Hair Fall solution - Kesh King by EmamiAll in One Hair Fall solution - Kesh King by Emami

After my second delivery, I had tremendous hair fall and other hair issues. This kept me worried for weeks and I tried taking supplements for the same. I have got to know about the Kesh King products by a friend who has faced hair issues, post-pregnancy’s.

I have heard a lot about Emami before and the trust in such a good brand made me get the whole “Kesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine” kit. And I do not regret it! oh God. 1 month into following this religious routine made all the magic to my hair.

All in One Hair Fall solution - Kesh King by Emami
All in One Hair Fall solution – Kesh King by Emami

Let me talk about the brand and products that I got:

Emami is an ayurvedic brand that offers a solution for all hair fall solutions. The best part that caught my attention is it is 100% natural and this is one reason I picked up that capsules too. and when I search on google about reviews, in one of the websites it says, Kesh King by Emami has over one crore of satisfied customers.

Here are the list of products and my review:

Kesh King Ayurvedic oil: It has amazing 21 rare ayurvedic herbs which include hibiscus, alma, and all. It is clinically proved to reduced hair fall and I so agree with it. I love the unique comb-like applicator which makes it very easy to apply the oil evenly all over the scalp.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Shampoo: Along with 21 rare ayurvedic herbs it also has Aloe vera extracts which made my hair look shiny along with reduced hair issues. This too is 100% natural.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Conditioner: Since it has Aloe vera is added shine and controlled my extremely frizzy hair. I leave the conditioner for about 5-8 minutes before I wash it off.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Capsules: 100% natural and ayurvedic is the only reason that I picked up these capsules. And Oh Dear! No regrets at all. They worked wonders.

The above reviews are of my personal after used the above-mentioned products for almost a month. Truly love this whole range of Emami Kesh King Ayurveda.

Few other points that I would like to mention:

  • It helps reduced hair fall far better than other fancy oils in the market.
  • Promotes hair growth if used the oil regularly along with other products.
  • Claims to be 2 times more effective than other hair fall products in the market, today.
  • A special applicator comes along with the oil, which makes it much easier to apply.
  • Oil and the shampoo are certified by Anthony Pearce Trichology, which is an International Hair institute.
  • Do get the whole range of the Kesh King products; Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Capsules for an amazing result.
  • They are easily available in any local store.
  • Kesh King is the only brand known to have a customer care hair consultation. – 18001035155

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Do comment below on how you felt about this product. Love hearing what others feel about this.

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18 thoughts on “All in One Hair Fall solution – Kesh King by Emami”
  1. This looks like a promising product. Hair fall is the biggest concern after pregnancy. Would love to try this.. It would be great if it works for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes kesh king is a well known brand for hair fall problems. thanks a lot for sharing your experince with it. it is great that they are offering many products as combo for reducing hair fall.

  3. This is a new brnad to me. But going by your review, this seems a promising one. hair fall is a concern for many these days. Liked the fact that they are available in local stores too.

    1. I’ve seen the products of Kesh King but never used them before but your review makes me want to try them. Specially their hair oil. I will check it out and get one for my self.

  4. I have heard about Kesh King oil only never tried though. I didn’t know Kesh King also serves in area of Shampoo, conditioner and Ayurvedic Capsules. Seems a promising product thank you for sharing your insights over it.

  5. Kesh King seems to have a complete range of good Ayurvedic hair products. I do believe that hair care needs a holistic approach and these products seem to do just that.

    1. I have heard about this brand but never tried .But going by your review, this seems a promising one. hair fall is a concern for many these days. I will try for sure

  6. I have also heard of this brand from my moms too, will so love to give it a try buddy, will surely let you know how I found it

  7. My brother and mom have been using this for quite some time and absolutely love it. I would sure be trying it soon too after all Emami is a brand known in many households.

  8. This oil looks really worth, I have so much hair fall problem. Thanks for sharing this it is going to help a lot!!

  9. I have used this product for some time, and have seen the effects on my hair. You have reviewed this generic hair oil well with the right information and details.

  10. I haven’t used Kesh King yet but have heard amazing reviews for it. Hairfall is a common problem nowadays and this oil sure is a good way to take care of it.

  11. Even I have heard a lot about the Kesh King brand and how it helps with hairfall and overall hair health. I would love to try since even I suffer from hair fall and brittle hair problem since I delivered by second child. Hoping this will help me as well

  12. Emami is a known brand and trusted one too. I would love to try Kesh King range of Hair products as I am experiencing hair fall these days.

  13. Your reviews show like you’re really benefitted from the product. Hair fall is the biggest problem for any woman. I stopped believing in try-out products and started applying home remedies. But I’ll try out this product.

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