Mealtime with a fuzzy toddlerMealtime with a fuzzy toddler

Before I even get into the Mealtime with a fuzzy toddler blog, I want to mention few points that we all need to remember. Keep reading about meal time with a fuzzy toddler.

  • It is very common and obvious that toddlers eat a very small amount of food at a time or sometimes they don’t eat at all.
  • While we give them healthy food, we should leave it to them on how much they want to eat.
  • Making mealtime a happy time.
  • Take time to judge how much your kids eat.
Mealtime with a fuzzy toddler
Mealtime with a fuzzy toddler

 Now, the main question is, is my kid not eating enough?

A common question asked by many parents, why is my kid not eating. Is anything wrong? We have to understand that toddlers like to eat a small amount of food at a time. This time, which includes less attention span.

Toddlers are interested in very damn things happening around them. Well, not kidding! It is also common that they would eat only a little or eat nothing at all.

As I have two toddlers and so I could list a few reasons for the same.

  • They don’t grow as fast as babies and so the needless amount of food at a time
  • Toddlers’ growth variations and the activity they have affects the appetites.
  • They have surprisingly had a small stomach.
  • Sometimes all they want is to show how they can eat! This is real. This happens. And end up leaving food.
  • Attention span (as said above)

Eating or not completely eating is common with toddlers. As in my other blog Appetite Ups and Downs, I have talked about how you could switch the amount of food you offer and see the difference.

Kids are so uncertain and so do their behaviors. They like the food one day and don’t like the same food the other day.

One thing matter is, if they don’t have a meal, don’t substitute it with a portion of junk food. They will feel hungry and would eat if you offer again. Be calm and let your child bloom. At the end of the day, they are just innocent children who need our help to understand what would happen if they don’t eat properly.

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8 thoughts on “Mealtime with a fuzzy toddler”
  1. I had made a few mistakes while feeding my toddlers, that I realized later. Though I never replaced food with some junk items, I tried to force them to eat. Very practical pieces of advice from you. And I think, there is another tip that works most of the time is- making the mealtime a happy time.

  2. Haan, nice tips. Though my kid is past that age, at times he wants me to feed him and then I can use your tips

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