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Traveling is something that we all love. And Covid made us realize how much we miss it. While we are still struggling with the Covid-19, I was glad that I could get my hands on “Incredible India Bucket-list” by Aditya Sathe.

Incredible India Bucket-list.
Incredible India Bucket-list.

His book has taken me on a virtual tour. His details about each place start with his journey and the storytime followed by the details of architecture. As I started reading, was awestruck by Edakkal caves, Kerala, Gir: The abode of Asiatic Lions.

Though I never visited but would love to, once things are back to normal. As you all know I have two girls who are preschoolers and they are so curious about traveling as I always have an animal planet or discovery channel and so the curiosity happened.

And “Incredible India Bucket-list” by Aditya Sathe is one amazing all-in-one book that I have read. Not guilty, but I have my plans ready post-Covid. It was refreshing reading about Hampi, as we visited just before Covid happened. Glad that we were all safe and back home just before the National Lockdown.

Just amazed to read his book about the Incredible India Bucket-list and realized I have not seen even half of them. Well, I guess I have mind mapped my travel destinations once get back to normal.

He has provided not just a list of amazing places to visit but the reasons, history, and the greatness of architecture of these places. You can download his book, “Incredible India Bucket-list” I am sure you all would be amazed by his list of places. 

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Motherhood Talks. From the Heart
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20 thoughts on “Incredible India Bucket-list. Book Review!”
    1. Wow this book seems to be super fun. I would love to read and know about our Incredible India and Mark places I would want to travel post covid. I will download the book .

  1. I loved th etitle of thebook. India is incredible. So not other title can do the justice with its content. I am sur,e this book will take its readers on a virtual tour to many places which are in their travel list.

  2. Well till the time travels don’t open, virtual travelling it is! Always good to have things in your travel list, much like a TBR 🙂

  3. I think we all can unanimously agree that traveling was one thing we all missed the most during this pandemic. I was never a fan of virtual tours but a lot has in the last year. The book seems quite promising and I would love to pick it up for my next read. 🙂

  4. I love the cover page and theme of this e book. indeed due to covid, we all are craving for travel badly. hope things get better soon and we can enjoy life like before. thanks for sharing your honest review dear.

  5. I just love travelling, and this book seems perfect during this lockdown to travel virtually. I have to download this book. Thanks for the review!!

  6. I love to travel, this lockdown is tough for a wandert lust like me , I am surely gonna download the book and enjoy nice virtual tour

  7. Would love to check the list of the places the author mentioned in the book. shall download it. Thanks for the review.

  8. Now this is the perfect for all the book lovers and for the one who loves traveling and definitely I am sharing this with my sister as she loves reading books.

  9. The Incredible India Bucket List sounds like a good read. More so as travel happens to be our passion too. The places mentioned, Hampi, Edakkal Caves, Gir forest, are our favourite places too.

  10. I read few of Aditya’s A2Z posts and they were informative, well-researched and well-written. This is a great way to know about some beautiful and lesser-known places of our country!

  11. That’s the way it is going to be for some time, taking a virtual tour. We watch a lot of traveling content and feel relaxed in a way seeing it even though it is not real. This would be a great choice of a book.

  12. Ah!…interesting. There are so many destinations in India that are on my bucket list too. However, I am always looking out for recommendations. Thanks for sharing about Aditya Sathe’s book.

  13. Thank you for such an earnest review, I am sure picking it up and reading it at the earliest. All the v best for your ebook too.

  14. If there is one thing that I miss the most due to this pandemic, It’s travelling. This book definitely took me down a memory lane and gave me some new options to explore once we are free to travel.

  15. The title of the book fills my heart with pride as its about indeed our own incredible India. I loved the idea of this book. Hope things get better and we all can soon go out and travel safely

  16. we always plan for international trips but India is famous for its history and culture too. we should be aware about it. I have already downloaded your book and will start reading it soon. I ll download India-bucket list book also and will share my reviews.

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