How other parent bloggers influence me.How other parent bloggers influence me.

This being the 7th post as a part of the “Know your Author” series. As I spoke about why I chose to blog and at the same time I was confused about what niche should I pick. As I was in my early motherhood days so I thought this would be the perfect one. Read more about how other parent bloggers influence me.

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Before I got into blogging, during my pregnancy time, I did refer to many parenting blogs and girls they were all so good. One thing that comes to my mind when I think of other parent bloggers is that they keep it raw!!

How do other parent bloggers influence me?
How do other parent bloggers influence me?

Yes, parenting is no sugar-coated!! I loved the raw content that is on the blogs by other parent bloggers makes me feel I am not the only one alone in this! Every parent has a different story yet is in the same boat.

Sadvika Kylash

While I was going through post-delivery anxiety issues, few mental health blogs helped to a great extent to deal with and come now that I can manage the anxiety issues that I face!

The other thing is the time, as a mother myself, I know how hard it is to find time for self and blogging is a serious commitment. And writing needs dedicated time and being consistency. This factor always amazes me as to how other bloggers do.

I don’t want to just mention the parent bloggers but bloggers in general. The amount of research it takes to write a least 500-word blog post a lot. I love to read almost all my fellow blogger’s posts about different topics.

Learning from how they write, learning from how they bring words into action. Making the readers involved in their writing is one of the best things about bloggers. Glad to be a blogger and being associate with other bloggers as well.

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13 thoughts on “How do other parent bloggers influence me?”
  1. Yes, parent bloggers make us feel that we are not alone. The reason for parenting or mommy bloggers to gain popuarity is because of its authenticity and rawness. Its not scripted or not presented in a polished and flawless video. Parenting can never be flawless.

  2. yes many people feel that blogging is just a time pass, they did not know or imagine the hard work that we bloggers put in creating content. I also like honest and raw content. something that comes straight from heart make me feel connected with particular blogger or writer.

    1. There is no doubt blogging is a full time profession, and slowly this will become a norm. In the beginning, every new stream takes time to build up a reputation, same is with the blogging.

  3. When the wave of picture based and video based platforms emerged, everyone thought that blogging has reached its end, but till date blogging has helped me much more, even financially. It is one of the most satisfying full time profession.

  4. Blogging is just like any other work and requires time and commitment. Even I take a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and watch fellow bloggers work who impress me with their work.

    1. I learned and unlearned a lot about parenting from other bloggers too and still like to take inputs from others’ experiences. It helps to know that we’re in the same boat.

      1. Totally agree, parenting is not something that can be preached it is to be experienced and knowing things honestly really helps

  5. So agree with you, even when I had started writing in the year 2016 I was quite inspired by other parenting bloggers and that’s how decided to have my own website too. And its been a wonderful journey so far while constantly getting inspired by fellow bloggers

  6. I have always thought so and believe that blogging is not as easy as it is portrayed. Certainly, we all put in a lot of effort to conceptualize, write and then market it to as many readers as possible. Kudos to all of us.

  7. I too have learnt a lot from other parent bloggers. I rightly said it takes lots of effort to write a blog; glad we are there for each other.

  8. Blogging is not easy. It’s very tough work. And being a parent blogger gives us a different feeling because what we share or write is from our life experience as a parent.

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