My first eBook, Motherhood TalksMy first eBook, Motherhood Talks

This is the 6th post off of a series “know your Author” this is the happiest post of this series. My first eBook, Motherhood Talks. I remember the day when I chose blogging as my way to express my feelings, never have I ever thought I would be writing my first eBook, Motherhood Talks.

My first eBook, Motherhood Talks
My first eBook, Motherhood Talks

Know your Author series:

  1. Blogging it is, why I chose blogging.
  2. Why Momlifeandlifestyle as my domain name.
  3. How I manage Kids and Blogging.
  4. Topics I cover on my blog, Momlifeandlifestyle.
  5. Why I write more about single mothers/single parents.

Well, this started when I took part in the BlogChatterA2Z challenge, where we have to write 1 post a day on based of the alphabets for the month of April. This was the first of a kind challenge. Writing 1 blog post a day was seemed impossible to me until the A2Z.
My first eBook, Motherhood Talks

Coming to my first eBook, Motherhood Talks. As the name suggests its all about Motherhood journey and feelings behind that smile. As I am parenting and a lifestyle blogger, I always wanted to write about Motherhood and her feelings.

My book had received great application and feedback to readers. Many thanks to all those who read. My family and relatives were very happy and actually surprised about the launch. As I never thought nor mentioned about writing a book.

My first eBook, Motherhood Talks
My first eBook, Motherhood Talks

Yes, as a mom of two and kids being home all the time made it little difficult to keep up with the writing. Since I usually do after kids go to sleep. Grateful to my family as they were very supportive the whole time and not just during my first eBook even now while I have to write a blog post.

Do download my first eBook, Motherhood Talks. You can download using your Gmail or Facebook id.

This blog post is a part of BlogChatter #BlogChatterHalfMarathon

 In my next post I will talk about, how other parenting bloggers influence me.

By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

14 thoughts on “My first eBook, Motherhood Talks”
  1. Congratulations for you ebook. Parenting is such a vast topic and every mother has something new to share. Sometimes it si joyful ride and st times it becomes a bumpy road. What matters in the end is whether we have enjoyed it or not. I am sure, it will help many new moms.

  2. many many congratulations dear for first e book publication. yes, I know the A2Z partcipation is not easy. I am so glad you had completed it successfully and published your first e book too.

    1. Congratulations on your ebook, Sadvika! I’ve read most of your posts and loved your honest and straightforward approach to parenting. I’m sure the book will be amazing.

  3. Many congratulations on your first eBook. Writing a book with kids isn’t easy, but you have done that, this itself is a great achievement. Would love to read the book

    1. Super awesome Sadvika many congrats to you for your first ebook dear, May you pen several more and keep evolving and inspiring

    1. Many many congratulations on your first ebook. Parenting is the most beautiful journey. And we can write a lot about parenting. I agree for writing we need support from our family. I feel family support plays an important part.

  4. Sadvika, having a book on your name is a huge thing so hearty congratulations to you. I am sure this indeed matters a lot to you. I have loved all your posts in know your author series and liked this one on your first e book too. Would love to soon get hold on it and read.

  5. With two kids in hand getting your ebook published seems a big achievement in my eyes so Congratulations on that first. Secondly, I strongly feel that your book will be quite helpful for new moms.

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