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This is the 5th blog post off of a series “Know your Author” as a part of BlogChatter Half Marathon. Why I write more about Single Mother/Single Parents a lot on my website Momlifeandlifestyle. To be honest this topic is very close to my heart.

Know your Author series:

Although this post is based on my personal experience, I don’t want to bore my readers with my story. But I would like to mention just a few facts that I would like to point out and discuss.
Single mother

Well, Single Mother, whose journey is having so many ups and downs but she makes her way with all her strength. People would be busy judging almost all the decisions that she takes. When it comes to struggles, well they are many.

As of why I write. Well, couldn’t talk enough about things/situations that my mom faced. I take her as my role model as to not falling for the comments from people. Alone, yet very strong to raise a girl child alone.

Yes, they are many boundaries for a single parent set by society, and just in case if a single parent happens or dares to cross that boundary he or she is bound to much criticism. Wish there would be some changes which would be for good.

Financial non-stability:

This being the major and the most important why single parents want to work but are let down by others.

Having opinion:

Having an opinion is the most common point and sometimes it would be too much to handle. For someone why is trying hard to settle down from the hard fact and get going with her living.

Support from family and society:

Well, I don’t say that family does not support it. They do! During times like these, how important it is to have good support who understands you and supports your decision is also important. Whereas, society, sometimes it’s nice to you and sometimes pass on comments that hurt a lot.

Being a role model:

Well, in my life I couldn’t think of anyone apart from my mom. She is just that perfect, who did not give a damn to society when they try to defame her when they tried to pull her down when they try to question every decision, she took.

Single mother
Single Mother and her strong daughter

I guess this last point is the thing that makes me write more about Single mothers/single parents.

This Blog Post is a part of BlogChatter HalfMarathon!

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

19 thoughts on “Why do I write more about Single mother/Single Parents?”
  1. Being a Single parent is not easy. There are many challenges that a single paret has to face. Talking about singe m om, then she has to encounter some additional challanges that comes from society. I have a couple of frineds who are single moms and every time I talk to them, I feel proud to have them as my friend. I draw so much of inspiration from them.

  2. There are so many challenges of life through which a single mother goes through. I am glad you have shared as today even our society doesn’t understand that hardship every single mother put up raising their kids.

  3. Yes being a single parent is not easy and it has its own set of challneges. I really loved the way you have shared about your mother’s parenting journey and hats off to her for facing all challenges bravely.

    1. Women are so strong. I lost my father when I was 12 and my mom has been our pillar since than and forever. They have so much power to do everything and put a strong face. So proud of your mom too. Hugs to aunty.

    1. I have an immense respect for single parent. Inspite having so many challenges they always try to give their children best of the world. Hatts of to your mom and all those single parent who are societies role models.

  4. My kids and me feel lost even if my husband’s out for a day. Cannot even imagine how challenging a life Aunty must’ve had. Kudos to her for raising you so well and to you for acknowledging it!

  5. I am in awe of your passion and courage. Being a single parent and taking control of life, despite so many challenges is commendable. Glad to have met you via blogging.

  6. Single parenting is very difficult, I have seen a few of my friends who have to face many difficulties at an early stage. I am glad to see you have shared this topic. Hats of to your mom for being so strong

  7. Being a single parent and raising a kid alone is not easy. Long time back, Sushmita Sen paved the way for single parents by adopting a girl child. It was a brave decision and it encouraged a lot of young girls who didn’t wanted to marry but wanted to have a child.

  8. Being a single parent involves a lot of challenges. Support from the family and society is definitely a must that will help them sail through. Nevertheless it is hard to fund in many cases.but I’ve seen them raise kids better.

  9. life puts us in a lot of challenging situation, one of them is being a single parent, it brings in a lot of problems one has to go through. I truly respect single parents for the courage and zeal they have in them.

  10. Life has so many ups and downs and challenges . Single parent is one of the toughest situation if you are not financially stable . Except this the other things you have mentioned are important to look into as well.

  11. Being single out of choice is a huge decision that women take and I have just respect and nothing else. They are stronger than most of us when they decide to live life at their own terms and raise a happy and good child. I love your thoughts behind writing about single mothers.

  12. Single parenting is difficult and it doubles when you are a lady and divorced. In India, the situation is really worsening. Financial independence and being opinionated are core problem areas and the solution too of a toxic relationship. Also the mindset of society towards a single parent needs to be changed. I am the daughter of a single mom too.

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