Finding myself through writing!Finding myself through writing!

Writing has always been my stress-free zone for a long time. I have been blogging at for a year now. And this past year has given me so much confidence and courage to put up my writings in public.

I, a mother of two toddlers find myself occupied that I sometimes feel lost in motherhood. I am sure it is not just me but every mother out there. If you did follow me often, then you must have known that I talk a lot about me-time and self-care.

Finding myself through writing!
Finding myself through writing!

Finding myself through writing:

As I said, it is always been my escape space from the world! Writing and reading take me to a different world that only I will be and surrounded by things that I love (of course, apart from family and kids) they are an internal part of a MOM!

Me time (writing and self-care):

I always talk about my time being writing and reading. I tend to go into another world when I am in my comfort zone. Writing and reading are like therapeutic drag me away from all the stress or rather just everyday chaos.

Writing about Parenting and Motherhood has made me a better person understanding the fact that no parent is perfect and we should not try to be perfect. This has come to me as a reality check as I was that kind of mother who wants everything to be done right and nothing can go wrong.

But surprisingly, after my second child, things changed and I kind of happened to let things go (for good), and writing about my journey made me realize that imperfection is a real thing! I have found myself in this imperfect world and as an imperfect mother.
Finding myself through writing

Finding myself through reading:

Well as a book lover even you would agree with me that we would time travel into another world while with books. Completely involving ourselves with the characters and the story. And I am no different. I happen to be in another trans.

I have read a couple of books on motherhood and man, what a raw moment they share. My most favorite is the love stories and they are my happy place.

Whenever I feel lost, I know where to find myself. I know where I would be found while lost in this world’s crazy thing. I am so sure, that I would find myself with writing and reading if I happen to lose myself!

Happy writing to you all!

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Sponsor for #FindingMyself Blog challenge

By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

17 thoughts on “Finding myself through writing!”
  1. Lucky are the persons who have eventually found their solace. Reading about you Sadvika I am so sure you are the one among those blessed souls. Undoubtedly writing and a food reading are the best therapeutic techniques to follow on.

  2. Can’t agree more. Writing is therapeutic to those who find the joy in spending time with their thoughts. I am a big supporter of the importance of Me Time.
    Writing gives us that much needed outlet. To me, writing is like an extra limb.

    1. I am an admirer of your Writing skills..I got to agree with you that Writing and reading are the best way to find our true self. As a reading enthusiastic person I spend most of the time with books

  3. It’s very important to know your real value and I am so glad to read your journey, this will inspire many others. Thanks for being a part of this blogtrain.

  4. I so agree with your thoughts Sadvika. just like you, writing is therapeutic to me and it gives me a breathing window with pressure of motherhood and household resposbibilities. agree, for moms it is really important to take out time to self care. it gives energy and power to deal with all other things.

    1. I can resonate with your thought. Writing is therapeutic and reading too. It takes to the world which is yours, you are the boss and your can be yourself.

  5. Writing skills are an important part of communication. Good writing skills allows to communicate message with clarity and ease.

    1. Motherhood changes us a lot and we start questioning our own existence when the little one starts taking priority in life. Writing has long been my solace too and I could relate to your post on many levels.

  6. Writing is a great way to know more about oneself. It is a great tool of self-expression. Many emotions that you may be unaware that lie deep within you, come to the fore when you put pen to paper.

  7. Like you, writing has been my way to escape the world as well for a very long time. I got an identity in the world due to my writing and words, so I can totally relate to your post. I hope you can continue to inspire more people through blogging.

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