Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake while it seems to be a blunder to someone else. Have you been in this situation at any time? If yes, then I am with you buddy. Sometimes we do things that just come as a reflection of the conversation at that point.

People are here to judge you:

No matter how good you are to them or how hard you try to keep up the relationship with them, no matter how you mind your own business and not poke your ass into theirs. They shall come after you for one damn thing. And thereafter they shall be judging for every decision you make. No matter how good that decision might be.

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The good, bad, ugly

Every relationship goes through these phases, good, bad, and ugly. When people who have a problem with you do not come directly to you to talk it out but go behind you. I know this is always the case. Being firm enough just to make them realize that that situation won’t bother you is a win!

A relationship that is good turns bad when it goes behind your back and it, in turn, turns ugly when you confront them about something and they on auto mode shift the blame right onto you!

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!

You might regret that, but when you truly believe that, that is not a mistake then let go, babe! Kill them with the ultimate success when you want to. not many people are happy about the success of other people.

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake! The Confession

So, honestly, this is my story! At the beginning of writing this post I did not feel like saying it as my story, but as I wrote, felt positive and somehow wanted to confess. Everyone has gone through this phase. Getting horrific backlash from dear ones is a nightmare.

Determined to show them success without uttering a single word against them.

Let me know how you have dealt with a situation like this.

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21 thoughts on “Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!”
  1. Life is a roller coaster. It keeps bringing unexpected situations. but then all those teach us resilience. We keep on walking. if we adopt a balanced view, it’s an easy ride. If we don;t worry about throwing back, then we keep on preserving. I enjoyed reading about your optimism and hope, despite the ups and downs.

  2. Sadvika, you touched a chord there! So many times I had to beat a retreat because even though I believed in what I said I was judged and considered wrong. With the passage of time , I have started taking it in my stride and know how to change tactics but it wa tough when we were younger.

  3. What you said is a classic example of toxic relationship where in you are the victim but the perpetrators manage to make you look bad and they will act as if they are the victims. Finally we regret our actions without realising that we are right

  4. In our times we just suffered silently but now every child or individual has the chance to learn and speak up. Our voices were stifled if there was something to irk the guys. I am glad all are speaking out for themselves.

  5. I totally understand how you feel about regretting things you didn’t think were mistakes but that others saw as mistakes. It is a normal thing to feel this way, and your honest confession makes a lot of us feel the same way. No matter how hard you try, the way some people judge can be very discouraging.
    You’re right that relationships go through different stages, and it’s important to stay strong and not let negative things get to you. I’ve seen many relationships end because of this. Thanks for telling your story,it’s a reminder that we’re not alone in facing such challenges.

  6. You are right Sadvika. We all gone through this phase. It hurts when our closed one act like this or turned in to ugly. I have been through this kind of relation up and down. Now at this age I decided not to be closed to any one and no need of extend a hand of help. Let them have their own experience. Not keeping any expectations from anyone.

  7. Well when it comes to relationship regret Sadvika I am unfortunately bit different and honestly I am and that’s why I am bad to many people including few relatives and parents at both side. I first make sure if actually I am wrong or not and if I realize it wrong at my end I openly accept that and say sorry. But If I am not wrong , I am daam strong headed as time made me so and openly say the person wrong who is at fault… I am least bothered who he/she is a relative, friend, parent or foe. If I gave them any of them the chance to pressurize me to make me forcefully say wrong when I am not, they will keep repeating and I will become the victim every time. I went through similar phases in the past but no more now and now those people think more than twice to say me anything obligatory.. Accepting wrong things is completely not my cup of tea. You came up with a very relevant topic and I appreciate your efforts.

  8. True and I think all of us, at some time in our life certainly get into this place. But as you said, when you succeed, no one can say anything. And so the focus must be on the end task alone.

  9. I feel that if you know in your heart it is right, it does not matter what people say. Those who find fault will find fault with everything. Regretting not doing something for fear of what people say is the worst.

  10. I totally get you Sadvika. I guess everyone has been in such a situation… i have too. It’s something that is not at all in our control but what we can control is how we react to it… lol… easier said than done????

  11. We’ve all been there, I go by the adage “haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate”. Do your own thing and that is what is important. Regret is extremely difficult to come to terms with.

  12. Communication has always been the main key to a great relationship no matter what relationship that is marriage, friendship, business, family, etc. The more open you are, the more you can be sure that the other person is in-line with what you’re upto, and if not, you can compromise immediately. Anything can be fixed with a good conversation as long as both parties are willing to have a listening ear and understanding heart.

  13. People are always ready to judge you if your
    do the right thing or wrong. I feel we need to stop thinking of what people say or think and focus on ourselves. It’s okay to make a mistake and we kearn from it. We all have been there and more than just regretting we should focus on how to correct it.

  14. Our core belief is that if we do good, the other person will also be kind and good to us. But life isn’t that simple, our kindness or good gestures don’t promise the same in return except for the fact we can keep our conscience clear.

  15. I learnt this in a very ruthless way that too when I was very very young. I completely relate to your experience. It’s frustrating when others judge without understanding your perspective. Your determination to succeed despite the negativity is inspiring.

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