Small things and our Mental Health (Mom Edition)Small things and our Mental Health (Mom Edition)

We usually do not share small things that bother us. Well, yes even I do not! Blogs have always been my go-to, to share my feelings. But not everyone would have a source to talk to or share their feelings. Small things and our Mental Health (Mom Edition)

Let me talk about myself first, (as I said blogs have always been my space to share my feelings)

Mental Health Mom Edition:

As a mother, we want to give the best for our kids and family. But some of the others would go wrong sometimes, no matter how careful we are. And it is Normal!! Kids are bound to have meltdowns and sometimes it takes on.

We as mothers can easily get carried away by our heavy emotions and we can have melt-downs. In my earlier blogs, I have talked about Mom’s Mental Health and it is a fact that this is not as discussed as this should be.

I mostly have major meltdowns when kids cry continuously (this is not a complaint) but just from a mother’s perspective. I constantly feel I am failing no matter how much I do. Do you (Parents) feel the same?

Yes, I sometimes scold them if it’s a major mistake, and sometime later I take them close and explain them too. Do I have the mom’s guilt? Yes, very much!! I feel so bad at the end of the day for raising my voice on them. But is it not important that we be strict with them not rigid but strict?

Most moms are being criticized for being strict with the set of rules they set for kids (kid’s rules are always according to kid’s age) I feel being a mom, sticking to a routine helps kids to adopt the change. We cannot expect a miracle overnight, though.

Comment and let me know mom guilt and parent guilt are real! How do you deal with it?

Mental Health Mom Edition

Comments would help me and other parents deal with guilt.

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

26 thoughts on “Small things and our Mental Health (Mom Edition)”
  1. Every Mom is different and has her own ways and means to bring up her children. Yes, opinions and judgements will continue , but a Mom has to stand strong when she knows she is right. The Mom’s Edition is a great idea.

  2. All moms go through this guilt, Sadhvika. Do not feel bad about it. Instead, see how best you can raise your daughters to be worthy adults. I never had Me Time but you should try and take out time for yourself.

    1. I wish such things could be prescribed but as they say a Mother knows best. I yell at them at times, I wack them too and ofcourse feel terribly guilty too… but what works for me may not work for other mommies.

  3. Every mom goes through this guilt phase and its absolutely ok, even feeling guilty about something is also ok. We are humans and loosing our temper sometimes is a way of venting out that can happen in any relationship.So take a chill pill and just do what you think is right for your kid.

  4. Every mom has her meltdowns where she may cry scream. A mother knows what she goes through raising a kid. I realise it how much my mother had these meltdowns when I was being stubborn.

  5. Like you would reward a child for their right doing same way you would correct them for their wrong doing being strict at times is necessary if they don’t listen and the guilt trip is there but then v all moms know how to pacify our kids and then we are able to get over it.

  6. Yes, parent guilt is real. And now, with so many platforms offering parental advice, we tend to judge ourselves even more. But I do think that every parent does the best they can. May not be the same as someone else but it’s the best they can.

  7. Guilt is always there to be strict and scold them, but this is natural. As parents, we need to be strict with the child to bring them to a point where they understand responsibility, punctugality and many other things.
    When we understand this, eventually guilt fades away. At the end, what matters is the love, time and support we give them

  8. It’s good you’re talking about this subject as I feel most Indian moms don’t- as I do not have kids it’s hard for me to personally relate but i’m sure the struggle is real and it’s good you are sharing it

  9. There is always the guilt factor but I feel a mother needs to be strict too. There has to be a balance of both. Children are very smart and they can try to take advantage of the guilt.

  10. Though not a parent to a human child, i completely get this delimma. We are responsible for the physical, moral & emotional well-being of our kids. So we must find ways to correct them. And because we love them we feel bad when we have to pull them up. This is true for dogs too – iam talking from that experience. Those puppy eyes looks just kill you ?

  11. I am not a parent I have quite a few friends who are moms sharing about this guilt. Personally I feel one needs to set rules. It is never that moms love their kids any less if they try to discipline them.

  12. To each its own, is the principle I follow for parenting. No two mothers or their kids can be compared and so can’t their parenting journey. I refrain from comparison and don’t allow any guilt to seep in. Call me selfish or rather a Happy MOM.

  13. At the end of a day, mothers are only human. We often take parents to be god-like and that puts immense pressure on them. Mothers always give more than they can and it’s enough that you do your best!

  14. Parents have a motive to educate and inculcate moral values in their children. For this purpose, they have to be little strict to their children but yes sometimes ithey feel guilt due to over strictness.

  15. I so agree with you, I do go through Mom guit at times also I am judged because i am a strict Mom. In fact all my relatives say that I have put too many restrictions for kids. but, I know that I am doing all these for their betterment and can’t just let them be in such mess which can affect them in future.

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