How fitness can change your mental health statusHow fitness can change your mental health status

Don’t we all agree that regular fitness can change the readings of your mental health? Every doctor would advise you to have 30 minutes of dedicated physical activity, that too at least 4-5 times a week. Continue reading, how fitness can change your mental health status.

How fitness can change your mental health status

Eases tensed muscles:

People with the most anxiety or people who are going through stressful periods have tensed muscles. This makes them have mood swings and feel wired. But this has a solution, moderate exercise would help them ease those tensed muscles and let go of the build-up tension.

Yoga for relaxation:

However, the correct form of exercise would help you deal with the stress better and get rid of tension and anxiety. I usually mix up all forms of exercises but my top preferred is Yoga. Since yoga is the best for stretching muscles and thus the goal. Stretch and relax.

Pause the negative thoughts:

It is a fact that mental health is sometimes connected with negative thoughts and this would lead to anxiety, depression and may even cause the OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder of having negative unwanted thoughts. Exercise would be the best thing you could do that would help you to interrupt the flow of the negative thoughts as well as you being fit and healthy.

Good health with no unwanted thoughts would be everyone’s cup of tea. But it would depend on individuals as well. With a clear mind, practice, consistency, and dedication you would get the best results.


Workout to benefit you with mental health.

Amazing boost of self-esteem and self-image:

Tell me if I am wrong! Being healthy, fit, and being in shape would give us amazing confidence in appearance and thus give us one more reason to work out. When you feel better while you look yourself into the mirror, this is what happiness is all about. “Happiness in small things”

Small goals, bigger help with mental health:

I am an absolute “small goal setter” Happiness I get when I reach my small goals is immense. Having small and reachable fitness goals would lead to performing better the next time you work out. Self-esteem would help if it is related to physical appearance.

Your stress response:

Mental health issues are directly linked to stress. If we observe, people with mental health issues would stress out so much and more quickly than people without mental illness. Being fit would do very well in checking the stress levels of individuals.

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25 thoughts on “How fitness can change your mental health status”
  1. Exercising is surely recommended and it has immense benefits on our mental health rightly mentioned all the points in the post.Trying from a long time and wil start as a motivation through your blog

  2. I can’t agree more… exercising releases endorphines in the body n immediately brings in the feel good factor. All the points you’ve spoken about are valid.

  3. I’ve experienced this first hand, so I can resonate with every word of your post! It is high time physical activity was relieved from only being associated to weight loss.

  4. As someone who takes fitness seriously I agree with all your points. Exercising has a positive impact in n our mental health and makes us feel fresh and active.

  5. I completely agree with your post. Excercise is a great way to reduce stree and help mental health. Especially during the day, taking in a bit of sunlight also helps a great deal. I havent been regular these last 2 months with my daily walks and I can see the difference both physicall and mentally. Your post is a wake-up call to restart my walks regularly.

  6. I completely agree with your points. Fitness improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Finaes has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

  7. You are right Sadvika, physical exersice contributes a lot more than just loosing weight or getting back in prepregnancy shape. I love my workout sessions be it Yoga, HIIT, Run & walk, Dance or Dancersice. I love to do all these and feel change myself, positive change in many ways.

  8. Yes definitely… If I’m ever feeling down and out, a good workout is all I need to feel better.

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