Me-time for moms. Why is it important, and why so hard to take a breakWhy is it important to have a me time for mom and why is it hard to take a break

Motherhood is a long journey and its important to have a me-time for moms. At some point, every mom had this idea of having a me-time or having a break from the daily routine, yet finding it difficult to do so! Writing for this question has made me think, that when was the last time that I took a break or had a “me time” from home and kids.

Mind you!! 

Wanting a break doesn’t make me or other moms a bad mom!!

After kids’ priorities change for Mothers and so we let go of our passion and dreams. (It is never too late to chase them) But in-between all the chaos, of parenting and responsibilities wanting a break is natural and happens to every mother. 

  •     A small day out with friends, 
  • A dinner date with husband, 
  • or simply a relaxing SPA DIY at home are some of my ideas of a “wanting a break” 

My most favorite happens to be, having a cup of tea in the morning without kids disturbing. Smiling?! Well, most of the time, kids wake up early and we would like to complete a little amount of kitchen work before we could go on with their morning routine. Brush, breakfast and freshen up. In my case, the morning kids’ routine takes up a lot of time.

We think a lot of ideas about what to do when we take a break or having “Me Time” but sometimes we eventually give up on the idea itself!

On a random day with kids! Me time for moms is so important!

Sometimes the decision that we make about the “me time” or something about career, society is always judgemental about such kinds of decisions that moms take. Few statements: 

  • What is the need for her to go for a job?
  • She is careless about her kids and family.
  • Not taking the responsibility of kids and home works.
  • no one has gone to work after becoming a mother in our family.


  • Log kya kahenge??!!

I feel the last question is the biggest concern. 

But hey, not all are like this, but some people in our society do think of the above questions!

At some point, event mothers think the other way, 

  • Do I need a break right now?
  • Instead of a break I could do this/that work
  • I want to be with kids and not running behind my career.
  • Once kids are in school, I could get back on my job.
  • Once kids are of 5 or 6 years, I will focus on my passion.
  • I have gained a lot of weight.

I am sure every mom had this question at least once, post delivery. Its ok to gain a little weight but being healthy matters. Do read my blog post about Weight Loss after Kids. I am sure you would like it.

Well, the list goes on. But 1 thing, me-time is so important for moms. It feels so refreshed. A small break will go a long way. As I mentioned above, my most favorite is having a cup of tea without disturbance.

Wanting a break or me-time is important for a mom who has younger kids aged 2-6. It’s more chaotic with them. As I have two girls aged 2 and 5, and so it’s been almost 5 years that I and my husband went out on a simple dinner date. I would love to do that. I know it sounds crazy!

I see most of the moms talking about having no time for passion after kids. Yes, agreed! Right after kids, we would be so busy in setting things right. But it’s never too late to chase them, your goals, passion, or your dream job! Also do read my blog post about Happiness, you come to me! I shall wait!

We can always find time if we want to focus on our passion! I usually wake up around 4:45 am and sit to write by 5 am till 7 am, it’s the only time I get to work on my blogs (before kids’ wakeup) This happens to me top favorite “me time” 

Hey momma!! You all must have some kind of interest, right?! Bring that out! Work on it, your passion! Be it writing, art, reading, or music! Bring me time on! Plan your day include your passion in your daily routine or when you are starting, try including it at least twice a week. I feel before kids wake up is the best time to focus. 

You don’t have to be worried about the whole ‘log kya kehenge’ for having me time. It’s you who is going to feel happy and proud while doing so! 

Supportive Family: Having a supportive family and understanding husband is a blessing! They would understand the importance of you having me-time or going for a job after kids. I mean, kids will always be the priority for moms!

In the end, it’s just you, and your family that matters! If you all are happy with the decision you take them the whole log kya kahenge scenario will be out of the question! 

These are the few things that popped up while I was trying to write this blog post about “taking a break for me time and why is it difficult to do so!!” As mothers, we become so busy in our daily life or responsibilities that we forget that we too have some interests, passions, or goals. 

I feel me-time should be normalized and make moms feel comfortable and happy when they take time off from family for her me time! And as I said earlier, wanting a break or having me-time won’t make me or other moms a bad mom!  


Sadvika Kylash


By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

20 thoughts on “Why having a me time for moms is so important yet so hard to take a break!”
  1. I think it all depends on how you handle your personal life. If you think you are superhuman and try and do everything in one day then it’s not possible to have any me time.

  2. I agree that it is imperative to have me time time! As it is essential for your happiness well being and balance. I think everyone should make it a point to have some me time as part of the day every single day

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