Be the value giver for your childernBe the value giver for your children's

If any mom wants to hear this today, then listen, there are times where we just feel off; that’s OK! There would be times where you just don’t want to handle the duties of the mother; that’s OK! It is OK not to be on mom duties 24/7. You just have to give your values to kids. They will make you, you!

mother is the value giver
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Kids enact how you react:

I find this to be so true! Kids often act off and behave exactly how you do, how you eat, and how you talk. Then why not give them some Value while they enact you! Be the Value giver for your kids. Give them something that would be better than bring you embracement.

Be the best version of a person in you:

I don’t want to only focus on be the best mother you can be. But before that, be the best version of a person so that your kids also want to become the best of what they see, enact and learn.

Don’t let the Motherhood be overwhelming with you. – Value giver

As I have already said in my previous posts, Motherhood is a long and alone journey. I bet moms would always be on top of their game. But at the same time, it is also important that you don’t lose yourself in this journey. Give value to your kids, that everyone needs time.

Have some time for yourself, just you! – Value giver

I have and will be talking about how much is it important for mothers to have me-time. Me-time is not just being away from kids and home. But it’s a time to do something you love the most! Maybe writing (my case), painting, pottery, reading, gardening, music. Anything! That is just for you! Let your kids know that this is your time, and it is important too.

Mother is the Value giver
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Don’t just be a mother, be a role model that they would look up to. Mother is always the most valuable giver in the family. And I truly agree with it. of course, the family combined; are all the value givers to the kid. It is all about how we talk, how we behave, how we treat, how do we act/react to a situation, how we dress, how we eat, everything!! Kids learn from us!!  

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16 thoughts on “Value giver for your children-Mother”
  1. Your daughters are so adorable <3
    All mothers these days impart positive values. But believe me, the power of media, the internet and peer pressure is so strong that they forget all these values by the time they grow up. They have their own mindset.It is the harsh truth.

  2. Value giver is a true trait of any mom and as you have pointef out it can be achieved only by being the role model yourself.
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Kids look up to their parents and elders and grasp what they see. It’s always a good idea to be a live example of what we want them to be.

  4. I agree it is very important to take out some quality me time for moms. this time give them a fuel to serve others. also, being a role model is most important aspect of parenting. kids learn by what we practice rather than what we teach?

  5. Mothers are truly the value givers and kids indeed tend to imitate their parents. So keeping calm while imbibing the right values into kids is very important. Great pointers.

  6. Oh wow, even I wrote on the same topic today how Moms are value imbiber for their kids. She is the first teacher to give values right from childhood. She is the best version of herself.

  7. Yes, its always the mother who primarily teaches all the values to the kids, as she tends to spend more time with the kids when compared to the fathers. Well written article

  8. Kids learn a lot from their parents and we need to be more careful in actions and words in front of them.

  9. I also wrote on values . I agree that Mothers are truly the value givers and kids indeed tend to imitate their parent. So it is important to be good role model

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