7 things I wish I knew before I became a Parent7 things I wish I knew before I became a Parent

Parenting is something that we all parents enjoy. But it is sometimes a lonely journey. Here are the 7 Things I Knew Before I Became a Parent is my attempt to tell the world that Parenting is not always happy pictures that we see on Social Media but there is a lot behind it.

Parents or new parents we always have advice from our friends and family. It is not always easy to accept advice from others who have been in the same shoes. Sometimes as parents we would want to believe in our idea of parenting.

Sometimes it is hard to take up advice from our close critics, that’s our family and our friends. And in this process, we do feel lonely in our journey of parenting. Every family is indeed different, I have heard few statements from other moms and some are from my parenting journey that will connect to you right away. 

Parenting is not something you would be getting a set of rules. But it feels obvious about the universal facts too. I guess like me, most of you have dreamed, wished, and imagined of becoming a parent. It is a dream come true, for sure. but sometimes that experience doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. 

Here are the list of 7 things I wish I knew before I became a Parent:

Let me start with:

  • Pregnancy is where Parenthood starts:  

It all starts when you find out that you are pregnant, and the world around you starts to change. Your body will mind its own business. And you start to think about “The Family” and not just “us two”

Pregnancy is a rough ride for all, some have all-day sickness and while some have morning sickness, indigestion to body aches. But you accept them as you know that they are normal. 

  • First few months into Parenting:

Just remember the moment when you first saw your child. Well, how precious it was. And we all wish we could just stop by that moment. And in no time you would be back home with your precious child who is taking all control of your life in every way possible, every day!

The first few months with the new born is so overwhelming. As you are new to parenting it would take some time to know that pattern of your newborn. With you being alert with the little sound or the slightest moment that would wake up the little one.

 When I look back, I realized how anxious and overwhelming I was. And I wish I knew that this was normal so I had little more time to relax and not spend time worrying more and enjoy Parenthood. 

  • Sleep is rare:

A night of peaceful sleep is a rare thing. Few months into Parenting and you would realize how much you miss sleep and how long it’s been that you did not have an undisturbed sleep and, you would then realize how much you took peaceful sleep for granted. For a Parent, all-night sleep becomes a rare thing! 

Sleep breaks between breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and diaper changing you may consider if you have a complete 2 hours of sleep in between. Parenting is something that makes you go from being the “party all night” to “sleep whenever you can” 

As people say, “sleep when the baby sleeps” well, this works for the first 2-3 months. Even then you would have your chores and works to do. So this phrase might not be correct.

  • Don’t buy more toys and clothes:

As we hear then, we are so excited to buy clothes and toys for the newborn. But this is one of the biggest mistakes. Have minimal clothes and toys. In no time they will outgrow those clothes and they would find some random household object to play with.

  • Parenting comes with an expense:

Well as rightly said, “Bacho Ke Liye shopping Karna, Bacho ka Khel Nahi” I feel it’s so true! As parents we always that hidden costs that come along. You just cannot imagine how many diapers you are going to need. Although cloth diapers are highly recommended. Frequent visits to the doctor and medicines, baby supplies, and the list go on.  

  • Cannot work from home:

Although we always dream of having few works from home days. But this dream would become a nightmare if you choose to work from home. It might or might not be suitable for you as the little one might demand your attention.

  • Going out is not a convenient option:

One of the main things is that parents have to be mentally prepared that the social life would be no fun as it takes a back seat. As a fact that parents can no longer make an instant plan and go on a trip or shopping. Planning and with a big baby bag with baby essentials that you might need. 

  • Life changes forever:

A few of the above mentioned is that I could list out are few things I knew before I became a parent. But overall lies a fact that your life would be changed completely for sure. going out for a casual hangout, or just having a simple peaceful tea, everything would be changed.

But despite life being difficult after becoming a parent, being a parent is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Above are just a few, 7 things I wish I knew before I became a Parent.

I am sure we would encounter some special moments with kids on a day-to-day basis, capture those moments with pictures. Having fun with pictures is one of the best ways to make memories. Either at home or outside, having pictures with your little one is the best thing.

Days with kids pass by very quickly. We as parents be so busy working and providing all things needed for them, that we sometimes tend to ignore to capture and live those little moments. Being stressed about how you are as a parent gives you nothing but stress. You don’t need a textbook on how to be a good parent because you are the best your kid can ever have. 

Do comment and let me know, what are those “7 things I wish I knew became a Parent” situation.

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

27 thoughts on “7 things wish I knew before I became a Parent”
  1. Parenting is one of the most rewarding experience. Yes, it does come with many surprise elements which we unfold as we move forward on this journey. Every new experience is special and different and talking about parenting then it is a completely out of the word experience. Being an immigrant parent, one thing that I didn’t know was how to find the balance between the two cultures. But I did what I felt right and I am very happy and content with the result. I would say thats why and how Mothers Gurukul was born. 🙂

  2. I agree with all your points. Infact, I always used to think when my child was 2 years old why people have not advised on these points earlier itself.

  3. Well, i was nodding at all the points u mentioned. Over 5 years of the parenting journey, I have learned not to spend too much on my son’s toys and clothes. And work from home is indded not an easy task. You need to be on your toes all the time. I have personally made many changes in my routine to fit in the Work from home profile that I am in now. Your post is a good reality check for all the new/to-be parents.

  4. Reading this blog post bought back fond moments though some moments were scary trying to figure out what all the types of crying meant. It’s so true what you mentioned about ” sleep when the baby sleeps”….it just never works because of all the other things that have to be done while the baby is sleeping.

  5. I agree! Our life changes forever and yes don’t buy unnecessary clothes and toys. Parenting is rewarding and I do miss those beautiful moments I had with my tiny little girl, they grow up so fast

  6. Well put together list of what to expect with parenthood. Iam sure each parent’s journey is different and however challenging it may get at times, it is always rewarding.

  7. Motherhood is for life.As you rightly mentioned, once you know you are pregnant, everything changes and it is never the same again whether they are 1, 10 or 40 years old.You are hooked for life. I really wished they would never grow up.

  8. absolutely true. Life changes forever. There are 1000 factors considered before planning to go somewhere out. Work from home is super difficult and there is no vacation at all. Just keep worrying about kids and their needs.

  9. absolutely true. Life changes forever. There are 1000 factors considered before planning to go somewhere out. Work from home is super difficult and there is no vacation at all. It’s a full time job. I could relate so much with these points. Very aptly put.

  10. Trust me I just kept nodding with each and every word I was reading. Being parents we agree that we need to know these 7 things but one who is undergoing the process still may or may not realise to these I feel.

  11. Absolutely true, Parenting is a wonderful journey at the same time, a little exhaustive sometimes. Especially in the initial days, it’s totally ruined our daily routine. I remember my craving for ‘Me Time’. You have well chalked out the most 7 significant pointers; every couple must be prepare before boarding on the parenting journey.

  12. I totally agree with the points you mentioned here. Parenting is joyful yet challenging. We did lots of mistake when our elder daughter born. We bought so many dresses and toys for her. We always chose branded ones. But we learned our lesson. With my second one we were more than prepared.

  13. haha you are so right when u say sleep is so rare!! 😀 You are right when u say going out is different but I just take my kids n go wherever we used to go earlier so that they too learn the ins and out of travelling and socialising..thanks for painting a true picture!

  14. Sleep is rare for me even today. I just wish that my kids learn to sleep a little bit early.

    I so agree with you on the work from home aspect. We often think that Work From Home is a good option for mothers, but it is not always so. Unfortunately, the kids and others at home that just because you are working from home you are always available and that is what makes things double risky for us.

  15. I totally agree with all your points. I can relate all these points when we entered into parenthood. I continued my job after my marriage and took only maternity leaves, and It was very difficult for me to handle a small baby and job.

  16. What a wonderful post Sadvika. I can totally relate to it. A women is always asked about conceiving a child after marriage. But no one bothers to explain her the reality of parenting. The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is so true, but the irony is the entire village expects her to raise the kids ‘alone’ and in a ‘perfect manner’. While having a child/children is pure joy, and the pleasure derives from having them is incomparable, the sleepless nights, they physical trauma a mother endures are also equally true and is definitely tiring for a mom. Moreover, our life changes, takes a whole 360 degree and all our priorities shift towards the little ones. This post definitely helps in understanding both the ups and downs of parenting and help the to-be parents.

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