Appetite Ups and Downs for ToddlersAppetite Ups and Downs for Toddlers

Eating time is like wartime for us at least most of us. Most of the kids are fussy at times even for a dish that they like. One thing that I have understood is that if my kids don’t eat or don’t eat completely. I would reduce the quantity of food that I offer to them. They are just toddlers and they need a small amount of food at a time. Read along to know more about Appetite Ups and Downs for Toddlers.

Appetite Ups and Downs for Toddlers
Appetite Ups and Downs for Toddlers

I am avoiding forcing food them off lately. Well, as a mother you want your child to eat and fully eat. Yes, that’s the case with most of the mothers. Forcing them to eat is fine but forcing them to eat everything in place makes them fussier than usual.

My best way to make toddlers eat is by giving them the bowl with a spoon and if they eat, I will praise them the whole day! I will tell the same to their father. This would get them so excited and they would show off their eating habits in front of him.

If your child has a habit of eating less but at a regular time then you could give him a snack. A healthy snack, a fruit or a juice. This would help kids with a small appetite and keep them going throughout the day. Their appetite is so less, that we shouldn’t judge on how much they are eating but on what they are eating.

And don’t you worry, if your child doesn’t eat completely, still they won’t starve. The only concern is offering them healthy food and not junk. Until they have healthy food, they will be fine. Sometimes kids can judge how much they want to eat. If your kid doesn’t eat today it’s ok, they might eat tomorrow.

 Few things I have learned through my journey as a Toddler Mom:

  • Try different foods. They might not eat at first but as you keep on offering them, they would eventually start liking them.
  • Offering the same food type because kids will eat without any trouble? How do you think they will get to know about other different tastes?
  • Make mealtime a happy time, ALWAYS! If they would eat in the room, make the journey from the hall to room a happy one so that they willingly sit to eat.
  • Set a timer, this is the best way that would work. As of now, my kids are getting used to it. I set the timer to 25-30 minutes and they should eat before the timer goes off.
  • Don’t punish your kid for not having the new variety, they would take time to accept it if you introduce a new food regularly.
  • Don’t bribe your child! Sometimes, it is fine. But more often would make things worse.

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  1. Hey ! Sadvika Excellent information on toddlers appetite .A healthy eating habits boosts appetite and metabolism in kids. if our child eating a good and healthy food is bound to increase their appetite.

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