Dear Mommy. A letter from a child.

Dear Mommy. A letter from a child

Dear best mommy. I love you so much. You are the best of all. I love being with you all the time. Love spending most of the time with you. And since Covid happened we are spending way more time than ever. — Dear Mommy. A letter from a child.

Dear Mommy. A letter from a child.
Dear Mommy. A letter from a child.

Yes, I am giving a hard time with you. We are stuck at home. You have a lot of work to do and I don’t have much to do except to get attention from you. I am troubling you because I am bored. I want to go out and play with friends. I am sorry for that.

Yes, I am not studying. Sitting for online classes is so irritating! I cannot sit for so long. You teach me rather. I will study with you and not while online class timings. It is hard for a 5-year-old kid like me to sit in front of a laptop and study. While I don’t understand much. I need your help.

Yes, I am being most irritated than ever before. It is because I don’t want to be home. I want to go out with friends or to some play area to play. I want to change my everyday routine post-Covid. I want to go out to dinners with you and papa.

Yes, I am not being much of a help to you. As I am very small to help you with work. But I will promise to do chores that I can. Chores like, tidy-up room after play, make the bed every morning. Try to fold clothes. I know I cannot do it properly and need your help. I can try folding small clothes.

Yes, I am giving you a hard time while eating. I like biscuits and chocolates; I will eat them without any complaints. But I know that is not good for my health if I eat more. I will make sure I eat my food completely. At least try.

Ma! I know I am being very naughty off lately. But I love you so much. You are the best mom ever. I come to you whenever I need anything. I will try to be calmer and more studious while studying. I will do few chores around the home and try to help you with work. Don’t take much stress ma.


Your Star.

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  1. Aww this is such an adorable letter. Endearing and beautiful post. Loved it.

  2. That is so sweet and straight from the heart. Got all emotional reading it.
    Deepika Sharma

  3. That’s so true. Staying at home is hard for adults and can’t imagine what it must be for the little ones. I have no idea how I would have handled a young kid who already know the outside world as for me I have a toddler whose first year of life went through lockdown and still is continuing.

  4. Such pure emotions captured so beautifully. We should often try to pay attention to what their hearts are trying to convey.

  5. So heartfelt. I agree that the kids truly had no control over the way things turn out and yet they have been extremely co-operative for the past one year

  6. Awww… this is such a cute letter from a child to his mom. I wish to get similar letter from my son?

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