Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.

Describing the Motherhood phase in a women’s life would take pages together. I would like to put a single line, ‘it’s the most beautiful and a joyful moment’ for her.’ Challenges are bound to come along the happy moments. Here is my take on, ‘Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.

Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.
Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.

A fact that the child comes first in everything and even society expects this from the mother. Just in case if a mom does anything for her wish or happiness she is considered as a Mean Mom, a Selfish Mom which we happen to see more often.

I want to stress on the point that, before becoming a mom we are a human who has likes, dislikes, and interests. As the bundle of joy arrives our world would revolve around them and we will happily do it. but later at a point you would regret, not doing anything for yourself.

I have gathered some positives for your child by being the Mean Mom:

5 ways of being a Mean Mom will help the kids.

  • Say No to your kids, because you are a Mean Mom: Saying a no, from time to time is very important. Your little one needs love, attention, and discipline too. And your firm no would make all the difference. If you keep on saying yes to everything that does or asks, you can be surer that you would have tantrums to deal with. Kids should know what is acceptable and what is not. 
  • Give a to-do list to them, because you are a Mean Mom: Hey mom, remember you are not a wonder woman who can manage everything on your own. You need help and they can help you. And don’t you worry, you are not making them child labor. You are just trying to make them more responsible while you give them an age-appropriate task.
  • Have some Me-Time, because you are a Mean Mom: Every Mom is a working mom. And kids need to understand and respect this. As I mentioned earlier, not doing anything for yourself will make you regret it later. Let your child know that mom needs a break and this is her time. Be it a time when you just relax or concentrate on your passion or your work. It is your time and makes your child understand this. This would give you some time off of kids while kids would learn how to play in your absence.
  • Let them earn their pocket money: Don’t just give money every month. Let them earn it! for younger kids it can be, picking up toys after playtime or cleaning the room, and for older kids give them more responsible tasks. This is to make them learn from a very young age that nothing would be free. 
  • You are their parent first and friend later: I often hear other moms saying, that I and my children are like friends. Yes, very nice. But the wiser option is you being their friendly parent. There shall be a line drawn which I call the line of respect. They cannot order you for everything.

Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.

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17 thoughts on “Because I don’t take any crap, I am a Mean Mom and proud of it.”
  1. Aww.. such an honest post, Sadvika. Some practical points to ponder on. Sometimes it very essential to take a step back from being available all the time, just to help our kids learn some mandatory life skills.

  2. Absolutely agree! Moms need to be moms..not friends. Discipline and a little NO goes a long way. Me time is also very important. Kids will grow up to be spoilt brats if we r not strict with them

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