Five favorite Self Care things I do.Five favorite Self Care things I do.

Being the best Mother for your kids to being the best at your work is always stressful. Managing to take out time for ourselves seems impossible most of the time. And sometimes, even if we could, we wouldn’t! Well, this defines the love of a Mother! Read along to know the Five favorite Self Care things I do. 

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Of lately, I have been talking about the Me Time for Moms. You would like to read, why is MeTime is so important for moms, yet so difficult to take. In that, I have talked about how we stop ourselves from having a day off of kids and family. 

Here are my Five favorite Self Care things I do. 

Pampering my Skin: This happens to be my favorite of all. Who doesn’t love healthy skin?! My best time to do this is when kids sleep. Either be it in the afternoon or at night. I usually have a facemask on and either do a manicure or a pedicure at home once a week. Happiness is to see the amazing nail. 

Blogging: This is the passion that helps me bring out my hidden feelings. And I am sure, it is the same with everyone! Love for writing is like therapy. A time off of kids and family, alone time that I enjoy is this! While everyone sleeps. You create wonders.

Organizing wardrobes: Call me an OCD? Well, you may! Most Moms like me, love well-organized wardrobes. Especially, kids’ closet. As we all know, preschoolers love to pick their dress for the day and this makes the organized closet messy. From time-to-time decluttering and organizing of kid’s closet is my fav!

Reading: As a blogger/writer, reading is something that makes you better at writing. I feel so too. but with kids, school, home this is something I am not doing much. The least I could manage is reading 1 book a month. 

A time off Doing nothing but just relaxing. Blasting music with ear pods and relax. Sometimes, after a long day, we don’t feel like doing anything. Not even things that we like to do, like the above list. Those days are just music days. 

We all should have me time activity that makes you happy. Having such time off will help you re-connect with yourself and you would feel happy and proud of your progress in the long term. 

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7 thoughts on “Five favorite Self Care things I do.”
  1. Organizing the stuff is what I enjoy the most as my self-care. Taking some time off is also very refreshing. Loved your tips. Let’s keep motivating each other to follow our self-care routines.

  2. Loved your tips as usual. I find decluttering is in itself refreshing. Taking time off is equally important. Nice positive vibes in your series
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Loved point number 1 – pampering skin. I love putting oil on my scalp 🙂 I find it very soothing.

  4. Pampering my skin and rearranging wardrobe are my favourites too! The sight of a clean room, bookshelf and wardrobe is so relaxing, I can relate 🙂

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