Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity weak muscles)Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity weak muscles)

As we cross 30, we tend to become weak at certain times and feel tired so quickly. This is because of the weak muscles that would indeed lead to being tired quickly and natural immunity loss for our body. Ensure that you are stronger inside out!

Since Covid happened we have been reading and listening about how immunity is important and would help us cope up with various diseases. There are various reasons that loss of strength might occur. But did you know that muscle weakness could also lead to loss of immunity and strength? Well, it’s true!

I am 30 and a mother of two, I sometimes feel so tired by regular housework and house chores include constant climbing up and down the stairs for most of the kids’ work, and lifting my younger who is 3 years would make me so exhausted. I wondered why…?!

Keeping up with 2 hyperactive kids and with regular early morning workouts along with the regular house chores made me exhausted and irritated with small things that come my way. As an alternative, I reduced my workout time to see if this worked. But nope!

Regular workouts to be fit in the ’30s:

A trainer and a good friend of mine, Srinivas (owner of Fast Lean fitness studio) has told me that once you are above 35 it gets difficult to get fit and have a healthy strong body. Be it losing weight or having stronger muscles would be a difficult task and muscle mass would decrease.

Being active is one key point that helps you to have stronger muscles. But muscle mass would start to lose 3 – 5% from an inactive person after they cross 30. I consulted Srinivas (my go-to buddy for fitness) and made sure I include strength training at least 3 days a week.

 A blogger friend suggested I take the muscle age test and I could not be great full to her for this suggestion as I was able to detect the signs of muscle loss early and could chunk my workout plan accordingly.

Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity&weak muscles)
Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity&weak muscles)

You are what you eat. immunity weak muscles

We all agree upon this! We are what we eat. To maintain a healthy lifestyle is almost a challenge nowadays. Thanks to my husband who is a fitness freak, made sure that we have healthy yet tasty food with a good number of calories.

Being in 30, I would like to have a smooth way into my 40’s and still try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a complete nutrition plan and mindful eating would help me in the long term as I even discovered my early signs of muscle loss.

Low immunity and muscle loss 

I have to admit that my weak muscles have impacted my immunity. All my regular daily chores have been affecting me ever since making me more tired with just a few of them. Keeping up with hyper kids has added more to it.

My trainer suggested that I would need a supplement drink along with a balanced diet and workout plan to increase my immunity and make me stronger and smooth sail into my 30’s.

I remember doing squats and having to experience my first encounter with my weak muscles. Nut my constant change in my lifestyle, my diet, and my workout schedule made a point to bring back good immunity and deal with wear muscles.

As suggested by my trainer, Ensure from Abbott is doing its part and ensuring to boost my immunity and help me to strengthen my muscles. #EnsureStrongerInsideOut.

Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity weak muscles)
Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity weak muscles)

Do you feel exhausted by your daily chores? Are you not able to keep up with your hyperactive kids? Are you at a loss of immunity? Do you feel that sudden pain when climbing up the stairs? Well, all these are an indication of weak muscles. Consult an expert before you could be weaker and build up your immunity and fight weak muscles.

Check your muscle age here https://bit.ly/MuscleAgeTest

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10 thoughts on “Ensure that you are stronger inside out(immunity weak muscles)”
  1. You are correct when you say that you are what you eat. Apart from a healthy diet, exercise is also important to keep us fit.
    Muscle age test is a great way to test our muscle age.

  2. You are right, you should start taking care of yourself from a young age. I never knew about this and never went fr strength training. Now it is too late but I am trying to do my best. #EnsureStrongerInsideOut

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