Why find your Ikigai?The Ikigai discovery. Series 4- Why find your Ikigai

4th in this series for My Friend Alexa campaign. Since the day I started to write about this, I have got a couple of questions asking what is the need to find it? life goes on without an ikigai right? Well, thus come this blog post, why find your ikigai.

Why find your Ikigai?
Why find your Ikigai? Source: Google

Why find your ikigai?

Simple yet a powerful answer, “Helps to find a reason to live” apart from a job or a business we all have one particular passion that we want to do and don’t want to give up on it so easily! For me, writing is the one passion that I would never want to give up.

For some people it might be very easy to discover their ikigai while for some people it might a difficult one and going way beyond their comfort zone while breaking the mental chain that makes us not go beyond and above a certain point.

Why find your Ikigai?
Why find your Ikigai?

How and When do you feel the need to find your ikigai?

  • When you fine empty from inside, irritated from your daily works or when you feel very anxious to do something else apart from what you do every day!
  • You feel that you lost the meaning of life and ready to find out what would keep you more engaged.
  • And sometimes, even if we have our interests sorted out, we will be willing to reject or accept that particular destiny.
  • And when you find this passion for something, it would help you to overcome your sorrows and reduce anxiety.

What do you do if you discover your ikigai?

Fight for yourself:

Has it ever happened to you that, you feel more and more frustrated with your work? Yes, this happens when the work load is increased. But even if there is no workload and yet you feel irritated, yet you feel that you are somehow feeling incomplete?

Well, you have the answer in you! Your passion, your ikigai may or may not earn you your living but most defiantly would give you the “peace at work” which would be your sole reason to get out of bed every morning and your would be ready to deal with any obstacle that comes between you and your ikigai.

As rightly said by Sartre, “We don’t create the meaning of our life, we discover it.”

Ikigai changes and adjusts over time. And thus, it being our reason for being.

Sometimes, humor would help break the anxiety and reduces negativity in our lives.

Whats your ikigai

Few of the questions that left me unanswered from the book –

Accept your feelings. – Have you?

Do what you should be doing. – Are you?

Discover your life’s purpose. Have you?

Comment and let me know about these questions. Have you found answers to these?

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16 thoughts on “The Ikigai discovery. Series 4- Why find your Ikigai?”
  1. Accept your feelings is the point I’m currently working on. And you’re so right – for some people it’s easier to find their ikigai and for some, it’s harder. But the aim should be to keep at it.

  2. I have read the bokk about Ikigai. Its there in our life, we just need to understand that this is my ikigai. no need to have a ikigai that can create global impact, its our own readon to live so it can be as personal as cooking, gardening, housekeeping etc.

    1. If I know why I am doing what I am doing.. It helps me to be more focused. Knowing your purpose in life helps to lead a better life for sure.

    1. Very well written. It amy not be easy to reach a certain level of consciousness but its always great to keep trying

  3. Accepting oneself and focusing on their mental health and how to cope with surroundings is very important in today’s world… A wonderful summary to read ??

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