The self discovery seriesThe self discovery series

Welcome to Momlifeandlifestyle! My website is all about Parenting, Lifestyle, Health, and wellness. This would be the first series about Self-discovery, or rather the Ikigai discovery! This idea comes to me as I have been reading the Ikigai book.

Reading the Ikigai book, which I am still yet to complete these were the first few questions that I have questioned myself. What is my purpose in living? Did I even explore the inner me? What is it like to think about the amazing journey ahead? May I call this “A journey to self?”

My idea of self-discovery begins with self-love. Self-discovery is you realize your worth, have the ability and courage to accept yourself in any mental state, size, and shape you are; this is when your self-discovery journey starts.

The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)
The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)



Before writing about self-discovery, I had a lot of textbook definitions in mind. the famous Eureka moment was the popular idea from all of it. But lately, I feel it is not any of the textbook ideas I had.

Self-discovery starts when we look for answers ourselves instead of listening and believing what others have to stay about it. We are all in our journey to discover the “truth” about our life and we are on our own in this journey.

Sometimes in the process of Self-discovery, we get on to meet people, travel to many places while sometimes we just happen to sit alone under the amazing blanket of stars under the sky or just sit back and enjoy nature.

You might want to call this a journey by a sudden realization which is followed by the regular life events and while some call it their spiritual journey. But in this process, if at all it helped you overcome your fears about people being judged, going beyond your beliefs, and busting those myths that you might have been listening to or following over the years or perhaps all your lives.

Well having said this, I would like to say it is time to discover your true self and your purpose, and what you want to do with life. A truth that is hidden inside you. Self-discovery becomes mandatory for you to believe and live the true you and not let people discover and mark you as their ideas of you.

The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)
The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)

Something about me: Self-discovery

Coming to me, writing truly helped me have my self-discovery moment. Being a mom of two has got me into a routine in which I had no time for myself nor having time for doing something I truly love.

The decision about starting my blog and dedicating time was the best thing I did for myself. Having a time off of kids and family gave me an opportunity to Self-discovery my love for writing and my purpose in living for myself.

What is yours? Have you discovered it yet? What is Self-discovery for you? What do you think is the purpose of your existence? Comment below what are your thoughts on this. 

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

49 thoughts on “The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)”
  1. Interesting questions! Finding ourselves and figuring out the meaning of life are both so important! I wrote about some of these things recently – you can visit my blog and have a look 🙂

  2. Self-discovery is very important. Then only we woul dbe able to know where we stand. Sometimes we wait for others to tell us what we are good at or what we should do. Seeking guidance is okay but it should not be such that we start seeing oursleves through somebody else’s eyes.

    1. To be very honest I am yet to to discover my own self. In the Juggle of life, while trying to be a good daughter, good wife and a good mother and with carrying my job, I ignored myself. This realisation is painful. However I really want to focus on self love. Hope I could do it very soon. #vibhuandmereads

  3. Yes I agree many people find it hard to discover their passion or purpose in life and feel confused about what they actually want to do in life. for me, it is a simple funda. it is always about doing meaningful work with hard work and passion and also serving my family and surrounding community with best possible efforts.

  4. I always emphasize one thing and that realizes your self-worth and must have self-love in life. I agree with you it’s important to know you to be happy and keep others happy. Very well-written post!

    1. Self worth is always important to explore with our passion all that I believe is one life and we need to know the reason for life and our passion along with our happiness and happiness of others around us… This was a amazing read thank you for sharing.

      1. The purpose of ones existence is one such thought that brings with it the much dreaded existential crisis. Being a good person and living an active life by trying to constantly learn new things is my purpose I believe.

        1. I’ve been menaing to read Ikigai for long. I met who lost her husband and hmdoesnt feel the need to live anymore. I think this would be a good book for her on the path of self discovery.

  5. You know Sadvika I am an enabler. I believe in empowering people with certain skill sets which can help them live better. Writing and reading is what keeps me stress free but I want to meet people, help them in understanding their true potential. Want this pandemic to get over so that I can pursue my passion which otherwise have slowed down.

    1. Self-discovery is a life long process and it’s surprising how much we can learn about ourselves every time. Like you, writing too has been a Eureka sort of moment for me.

  6. Self discovery is a life long process and it evolves with each experience we encounter in life. As you beautifully mentioned we need to practice self-love and self-importance before actually entering into the process of self discovery. What a wonderful article.

  7. Life is all about self-discovery. We all journey through life without actually thinking about our purpose in life and our part in the larger scheme of things. The concept of ikigai helps unravel the meaning of life and unlock the secret of a leading a happy life.

  8. What is Self-discovery for me? Interesting question. For me, it is all about finding about my true potential. What am I capable of doing! What boundaries can I cross! How many lives can I touch in the process! The other part of your question ‘What do you think is the purpose of your existence?’ can be summarised as to help others succeed in everything they aspire for!

  9. Self-discovery not only assists us in identifying our strengths, but also in determining how to best utilize and develop them. I believe that having a purpose in life and then giving everything to get it, is the most important thing to live a happy life. If one purpose path ceases to exist, then you may deliberately adapt, alter, and follow new passions. Wonderfull article.

  10. Self-discovery is a deliberate effort that needs the right mindset and a lot of coaxing, it may look and seem easier to many but our mind needs to be attuned to the self-oriented goals. Lovely post.

  11. For me self discovery is constant growth and learning. I still need to think even more to understand what it actually translates to in my life. It is surely an interesting subject and Ikigai helps uncover it many ways.

  12. Thats a very well written post on self discovery. Well I strongly feel self discovery is a constant process and we are always getting to know something about ouseleves. In my case I guess I am still on the path and would really love to know my reasons to be existing in this world.

  13. When I am in my zone, I have so many questions in my mind. Over the period of time, I have realised a few things but a lot of it is still to be known. Self-discovery is a continuous process of life.

  14. Its a very happening topic, Sadvika. Last year even I wrote about it. I discovered self love at the age of 56 and now by 57 its all gone. I lost my son and now I dunno how to lice even. Life is very unfair but one must always indulge in self love.

  15. I have kept re visiting my purpose of existence every decade of my life, I guess. But after I read the Ikigai, I actually realised that is what I ahve been doing. It validated my belief that at every stage of your life, the purpose might change and you have to keep re discovering yourself. That is actually what made my life exciting.

  16. I have always questioned my existence when I was younger, I always wanted to find out why I am here, what is the purpose of my life. When I entered motherhood, I was not too happy because I thought I was losing myself. And then I started my blog. It gave me some satisfation for a few years and I thought I have found the purpose of my life. But when pandemic hit the world, even writing was not giving me any happiness or satisfaction. I found solace in my family, I wanted to be there for my son who needed me the most during that difficult phase. I started thinking that may be this was the true purpose of my life. I still think the same but somewhere in my mind I have this idea that may be self discovery is not a destination, it’s a journey. May be we don’t have just one purpose in life, may be self discovery is an ongoing process that prepares us for our final journey. Thanks for writing this post.

  17. this is a question all of us should ask ourselves no? I don’t know whether I know who I am yet, I think it is a never ending journey that brings answers everyday

  18. Wow!! What a wonderful theme. Self-discovery is the most difficult task in the world. Generally, people live in denial and find it hard to ask questions to themselves. I hope this can motivate others to find themselves. I am still trying too.

  19. This is such a lovely series, Sadvika. Although I wasn’t blown away by the book, it is heartening to see the book prompting people to discover their purpose and begin on the journey of self discovery. Looking forward to reading the other posts in the series.

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