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The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)

Welcome to Momlifeandlifestyle! My website is all about Parenting, Lifestyle, Health, and wellness. This would be the first series about Self-discovery, or rather the Ikigai discovery! This idea comes to me as I have been reading the Ikigai book.

Reading the Ikigai book, which I am still yet to complete these were the first few questions that I have questioned myself. What is my purpose in living? Did I even explore the inner me? What is it like to think about the amazing journey ahead? May I call this “A journey to self?”

My idea of self-discovery begins with self-love. Self-discovery is you realize your worth, have the ability and courage to accept yourself in any mental state, size, and shape you are; this is when your self-discovery journey starts.

The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)
The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)



Before writing about self-discovery, I had a lot of textbook definitions in mind. the famous Eureka moment was the popular idea from all of it. But lately, I feel it is not any of the textbook ideas I had.

Self-discovery starts when we look for answers ourselves instead of listening and believing what others have to stay about it. We are all in our journey to discover the “truth” about our life and we are on our own in this journey.

Sometimes in the process of Self-discovery, we get on to meet people, travel to many places while sometimes we just happen to sit alone under the amazing blanket of stars under the sky or just sit back and enjoy nature.

You might want to call this a journey by a sudden realization which is followed by the regular life events and while some call it their spiritual journey. But in this process, if at all it helped you overcome your fears about people being judged, going beyond your beliefs, and busting those myths that you might have been listening to or following over the years or perhaps all your lives.

Well having said this, I would like to say it is time to discover your true self and your purpose, and what you want to do with life. A truth that is hidden inside you. Self-discovery becomes mandatory for you to believe and live the true you and not let people discover and mark you as their ideas of you.

The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)
The Ikigai discovery! Series – 1 (Self-discovery)

Something about me: Self-discovery

Coming to me, writing truly helped me have my self-discovery moment. Being a mom of two has got me into a routine in which I had no time for myself nor having time for doing something I truly love.

The decision about starting my blog and dedicating time was the best thing I did for myself. Having a time off of kids and family gave me an opportunity to Self-discovery my love for writing and my purpose in living for myself.

What is yours? Have you discovered it yet? What is Self-discovery for you? What do you think is the purpose of your existence? Comment below what are your thoughts on this. 

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